Canada Became So Cold, This Guy Ice Skates Down his Own Street

The next time you want to complain about how cold it is outside think of Canada and then watch this guy skating down his street. At least most of us can still WALK down our streets without needing to strap on the ice skates. I kind of wonder what part of Canada he’s in that it’s this cold. It’s not unnatural for roads to ice over but it still has to get pretty cold to do so. I can remember my time on the coast and roads icing up was about our biggest concern since snow didn’t tend to stick. Going by this video however it looks like up in Canada that skating down the street might not be a new thing. It could be that this particular winter was just that cold, but being able to ice skate down your street is a good indication that it’s just TOO COLD.

Those of use that think it’s too cold where we’re at might want to take a look at the newscasts and then take a look outside. If it’s not white or icy then it’s time to bear down, dress warm, and admit that it’s not that bad. If you can walk, run, or drive outside your home then it’s not that cold,  meaning that you can still function. If the roads are icy enough that you can don a pair of ice skates and go cruising then it might not be as good of an idea to take anything with wheels out and test your luck. Anyone with a lick of sense would prefer snow over ice since snow has a tendency to melt faster and get mushed up a lot quicker. Of course if the snow is covering another layer of ice then that might present a problem. It’s not uncommon that ice will form, freeze, and then be covered over with snow. A lot of people might see the snow and assume that everything’s okay.

Unfortunately when you go out onto that supposedly easy to walk on layer of snow you’re taking the chance of slipping and falling right on your butt or even worse if you don’t walk carefully. Snow and ice don’t always coincide together but they are common to see at the same time. Watching this clip it’s evident that whatever snow was on the road was pushed off to the side or allowed to melt.  What happened then it seems is that the ice froze up and created an asphalt-black skating rink just off of the sidewalk.

The guy looks like he’s having a good time at least. I wonder if he’s going anywhere or if he’s just getting in some good cardio for the evening. I’m very glad the streets around my home haven’t frozen up like this in a couple of years, it’s nightmare enough trying to get out onto my street without a dozen drivers ready and willing to run into each other and cause a pileup. If the street was this iced over it would surely happen.

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