Castle Season 4 Spoilers: Is Captain Montgomery’s Substitute A Woman?

It has been a long couple of weeks without our favorite show, right, Castle fans? And just the thought that we still have three very long months ahead of us until the show returns for its fourth season is enough to make me depressed.


I liked it a whole lot better when I did a Castle marathon last summer when I discovered the show. I had to wait barely a month then until season 3 and that was torture.

So to help us endure this ridiculously long hiatus, Ausiello has just released a very interesting piece of news. It looks like the new Captain will be a woman. Cool, right? I know we are all still sad about Captain Montgomery sacrificing himself in the season 3 finale in order to save Kate, but is it wrong that I am excited to find out more about this new character?

Just imagine the possibilities and several new layers a female Captain can add to the precinct dynamics. And not only at the precinct because we are all well aware that whatever goes down at the precinct affects our characters’ lives outside of the homicide department.

My guess – and this is pure speculation – is that this new Captain will not take the fact that Castle shadows Beckett well. Besides that, Kate is going to be returning to work after getting shot by some professional killer, who was hired by whoever is behind her mother’s murder. Add to that the fact that she will be dealing with the Captain’s death, her recovery and – I’m willing to bet – Castle’s overprotectiveness, she will have more than enough on her plate.

A new Captain who won’t let her get away with everything will be really interesting to watch on top of all the issues she is going to be battling with.

So what do you think? Who would you cast to play the new Captain? Do you think she might set her eyes on Castle romantically?

Tell me all about it in the comments below.

  • jen


    • Daffykins

      Good choice!

      • Huddylover

        OMG!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD WATCH EVERY EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LISA E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Megan



      Such a perfect choice for the role, and she should have a romantic interest in castle!!!!!!!!! CHOOSE LISA!

      • Jos



      • http://? Penny

        The magic of Castle is the incrediable chemistry between Castle & Kate. I'd hate to see that messed up by  throwing another woman into the mix, for the purpose of going after Castle.  This show has class, & the fact they've gone through 3 seasons without making out, keeps the intrigue going. It's a fantastic show. Don't change a thing!!!

        • DrKayMS

          I agree with Penny!

          • Nate

            It CANNOT be a woman. That wouldn't be right!!!

      • Huddylover

        Yeah I would say that Lisa could come but not as a romantic interest for Castle he belongs with Beckett!!!

    • Jos



    • TJStepp

      Lisa Edelstein?  Too Good to be true !!

  • Alie


    • Luciana Mangas

      You know what? Allison Janney would be really, really awesome as the new Captain. I like this idea.

      • Gil

        I'm rooting for Allison Janney too. Lisa Edelstein just spent 6 or 7 years playing the boss of someone with whom she frequently butts heads. I doubt she wants to play that same role on a different show.

    • Daffykins

      No way!

  • Sue

    I vote Candice Bergen. She was awesome on Boston Legal.

  • Kelsi

    Gina Torres would be freaking amazing!! Can you imagine how awesome she would be at that role!?!?!

    • Kevin

      That is an awesome idea!  I love it!

  • l

    nuh uh, Gina is too young.

    I want the new boss to be a combination of Jordan Shaw and Capt. Montgomery, but I can't think of anyone who could fit that bill. any idea?

    • loli

      gina's not that young. black don't crack. she'd be great for it!

      • l

        she is young. she is 42 now. and she has already had a project now.

        • Frstlymil

          Gina Torres (love her) is already on a new show called "Suits" that airs soon on USA.

  • Richard

    Gina Torres!! Great chemistry between her and Fillion on Firefly…and she would bring great depth as the new Captain.

  • wikkid

    Gillian Anderson!!! I believe!!!!

    • Frstlymil

      No one wants to work with Gillian Anderson — why she does theatre in the UK mostly now.  Really good actress but a mean and horrible person to crew and everyone else around her.  Not worth the trouble.

    • AbbySmeeze


      • Tracee

        Abby, I'm sorry, but I don't read letters that don't make sense.  What does ALSKFJBANCM mean?  Please write English.  Some of us don't know what senseless letters mean, especially when they don't spell words.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't read letters that don't spell words.  Thanks.

  • l

    Gillian Anderson is too young.

  • louloualgerie

    Heather Locklear  !!!!!!

    • Tracee

      I like Heather Locklear, but I just don't think she's right for the role.  Hopefully, the powers that be will change their mind and make a man the new captain.

    • GabGirl56

      I think that Heather Locklear would be PHENOMENAL as  Captain, she has found her 'niche' in playing 'unhinged' women beyond excellence!  I vote for Heather Locklear, any day! i would love to see a good confrontation with Beckett! Great suggestion!

  • mrsbeans

    Janeane Garofalo–she can play smart, acerbic, sarcastic, yet witty. We already know she's a great comedic actress, and has proved she can do a straight dramatic role just as well with her recent turn on 'Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior"–which just got cancelled so she's available.

    • Anne Mac

      Gina Garafalo is too short… sorry to say that. Her is one out of left field… Andrea Parker from the Prentender series… seriously tall, a looker and a mean ass stare that would scare the devil himself.

    • cb

      PLEASE don't let it be Garafalo!  I LOVE Castle!  One of my 2 favorite shows.  I do not like Garafalo because she is so rude and offensive to those who do not share her beliefs.  I love Criminal Minds and looked forward to Forest Whitaker;s spin off but could not force myself to watch it because of Garafalo.  Please don't let her come to Castle!!!!!

      my choices: difficult to work with–Judith Light, Patti D'Arbanville, Camryn Manheim;a little interested in Castle–Vanessa Williams; difficult and interested–Alex Kingston, Carey Lowell, Dana Delaney (because her new show is not gonna last).

      • Richard

        I agree Garafalo is the pits.  She could not play a Captain of a New York precinct and make it believable. I agree with Anne Mac also, too short and doesn't have the acting chops. Delaney, perfect, but her series is still going. Allison Janney for sure. Locklear and Bergen? Nope, the 80's are over. :)

      • Frstlymil

        Oooh, Judith Light or Vanessa Williams would be AWESOME.  Either one.

      • casket

        Dana Delaney has already been on castle

      • Tracee

        Camryn Manheim-oh HELL no! Vanessa Williams-she's on Desperate Housewives. Dana Delaney-no. Patti D'Arbanville-too old and hard looking. Judith Light-perhaps.

        Don't know the others you mentioned.

        Jeanane Garafalo?????? THAT'S A HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!!!!  OH HELL NO!!!  If she was on the show, I would boycott it!!  Hateful thing!!!

  • Tays

    Gina Torres is too young. Gillian Anderson is too young. Do you guys want a 60 year old?

    • l

      a fact actually. Gina and Gillian are both in their early 40s, which would make them unsuitable for capt. rank. and besides, both of them are busy at the time.

      think of someone who is in the the 50s.

      • Tracee

        I mentioned Susan Lucci before.

  • lame

    My choice would be Dina Meyer, beauty, brains, hard as nails when called for and close in age to Castle. She would be a  physical and intellectual match for Beckett.  She wouldn't be an SO, but someone who Castle would know socially and the fact that she would know things about Castle outside the precinct would constantly grate on Beckett.

    • Elsol69

      Dina Meyer has already been on Castle.

  • Elsol69

    Lucy Lawless — Good looking, older, can play the villain if need be, can also play the hero, plus it's believable that she used to be Beckett in her heyday, and if they want to go that route it would not be outside the realm of possibility that Castle and Lucy would get it on.

  • lame

    Remenber tick,tick, boom and wrapped in death, three consecutive episodes with the same actor as the villan. Just saying.

    First choice Ms Meyer, second choice Ms Lawless.

  • heatrises

    Kari Matchett i think she was really good in her role in covert affairs and can play the senior officer be a bit bad ass but have that sensitivity underneath so someone like her cos i dont think theyd get her as covert affairs is still running right?

  • heatrises

    orrrrrrr Amanda Tapping from Stargate/Sanctuary i think she looks better with the long brunette hair she can work a gun prettttty well too :) orrr Lynda Boyd!! she's got that don't mess with me look and the look that says shut up shed make a really cool boss and i dunno i love her with the red hair but we have martha and alexis..agent shaw.. buut then you could get castle makin jokes about red heads trying to undermine him or something lol or tone it down with the blonder hair =]

  • GARY

    S. Epatha Merkerson gets my vote.

    Bring Lt. Van Buren back to the force, the precinct needs her. She would bring a straightforward, no nonsense air of authority to a position

    badly in need of it.

    If Richard Belzer can transfer from Homicide Life on The Streets to SVU,

    why not?

    • Lisa Crosby

      Sorry, everyone, but there's no way the producers are going to pick anyone that can't realistically have sexual tension with Castle. An awesome twist would be a homosexual woman with an attraction to Kate-I know, I know, never gonna happen. So they will most definitely go with the latter. So, Judith Light sounds possible-good age and still attractive yet strong.

  • Pat

    One choice for me, here: Tyne Daley. She'd be awesome and could play both "nurturning" and "hard *ssed" equally well.

    • C.

      Excellent idea.

    • DrKayMS

      Great Idea!

  • C.

    Kyra Sedgewick.

    • Lisa Crosby

      No way! Have you heard of "The Closer"?

  • Daffykins

    S.Epatha Merkerson or Tyne Daly! Sharon Gless?

  • Brian

    I vote for ELIZABETH MITCHELL, love her, she would be great, and a much needed new face.  Not that CASTLE is bad as a show, but they need a new face around.

    • Luciana Mangas

      I hadn't thought of her, but she would be great as Captain. And she can do the whole tough as nails act really well. I think she is also really close in age to Nathan so it would be completely plausible if they wanted to go with the romantic interest path.

      • al

        I think 'Nathan'(Castle) already has a romantic interest. DOH!

  • Mrs.futureCastle

    I think Gina Torres would make an amazing captain!!! Or Morean Baccarin they already have the chemistry fro Firefly :) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! but it's just a suggestion :$ LOL

    • Richard

      Morena Baccarin???? OH I am casting my vote for her!!!

  • erickubrun

    Any chance the new captain would be KATE?!?!?!

  • ronald

    I believe they should try a woman. I hope that she can cause a little friction between Castle and Beckett. Cause frankly I don't think Castle and Beckett should hook up.

  • Megan

    If Lisa Edelstein was the boss that would be AMAZING!! She would be romantically interested in Castle, making Beckett jealous, and then towards the end of the season Castle and Beckett could finally get together!!!!!!!!

  • David

    megan fox would be good.

    • Megan

      Megan Fox is too young for the role. LISA EDELSTEIN!!!!

      • Frstlymil

        Megan Fox????? Don't they need someone that can act?

        • JK


  • Blake

    Gina Torres would be a wonderful choice. I do not believe she is too young at all.

    How about Geena Davis??? She was so great in Commander-In-Chief. And if she's old enough to play the president of the united states, I believe she's old enough to be a Captain ;)

    • Tracee

      No, I don't like Gina but I do like the other Geena.  If I had to pick between those two, I woud pick Geena Davis, but as I've said before, I don't want a woman.

  • http://Zap2It Henion

    Great choices but my monies on either Gina Torres (superb actress) or Dana Delaney (excellent chemistry during her shot as the FBI lead-she could hold her own and even intimidate Beckett).  But want to see who else people think might make the jump.  Hard choices because of the current team chemistry in play.


    Okay guys what actress is out of work and played a police dept. bigshot?   JENNIFER BEALS!  I didn't like

    that  odd grin on her face and she didn't st5rike me as paasionate  for brinning down bad guys in first

    three episodes of TCC ,but she's be a perfect skipper of a bunch of detectives and her character would keep Castle and Beckett on what ever the writers think up! Ha! And Shawn why don't you shop new epi's

    TCC to a cable outfit TEN MILLION eyeballs aint  nothing! It's not to late!

  • andy g

    jill hennesey from law & grder and crossing jordan

    • alistrong

      GREAT idea!  Haven't seen her in a long time, but she'd be great in this part.  I really miss her in Crossing Jordan.  She can easily play a strong, take-charge female lead.

      • Lisa Crosby

        Hmmm. Didn't think of her! Good idea…

    • Sharon

      I LOVE your idea!!  Jill Hennessey is an awesome actress, can obviously do complex, eccentric, odd, sexy while still conveying intelligence – as she demonstrated while playing the star of Crossing Jordan.  She's got MY vote!!

    • Linda

      Fantastic choice

  • Suze

    Now that SGU has been cancelled (terrible decision), how about Ming Na. She was fantastic as a strong leader in desperate waiting. She's gorgeous and age appropriate.

    • Hannah

      I like it!  Plus, we need an asian on the show! :)

  • Lu

    Peggy Lipton from Mod Squad fame. Older but still sexy.

  • l

    there is spoiler that the new capt. will be female, in her early 40s, a real''hard-ass'', but still have some flirtatious sides. so make your ways, just skip Gina Torres and Gillian Anderson, cos they have already had their shows.

    I certainly don't like this idead. not at all. but we will see how they handle it. any guess?

    • Tracee

      Oh, great!!  Just what we need. Well, this is one show I won't be eagerly waiting for the summer to end so I can watch the show.

  • http://yahoo shaz

    I think Carolyn Hennessy would be terrific as the captain. In her role as Diane Miller on GH she is fiery, tough, fierce, has flair, very determined and she's proven she can play a "cougar" very effectively. (She has a recurring role on Cougar Town.) Carolyn is a published author. That would make a great connection with Richard Castle's character.

  • John DeYoung

    Jill Hennessy I think would be perfect.

  • jac ttanna

    Allison Janney would be great.  Or Jill Hennessy, but the real coup would be if they could get somebody really tough and sexy and not already type cast.  Someone who could really add some fire to the mix.  My dream choice would be Michelle Rodriguez.

    Since when is Jennifer Beals out of work?  Chicago Code was the best thing on TV lately.  Was is not picked up???

  • Lando

    Nathan Fillion was born to play Capt. Malcom Reynolds. I don't see anything but Mal when I watch Fillion act. Almost a decade later and I'm still pissed Firefly was taken away from us after 1 season.

  • Sara

    LISA EDELSTEIN LISA EDELSTEIN LISA EDELSTEIN!!! She's bad-ass while also flirtatious, perfect for the role. She's the perfect age, and PERFECT FOR THE PART!

  • Doug S.

    I'd like to see Ron Glass get the role.  He's a distinguished elderly actor, has experience in the squad room after 8 seasons on "Barney Miller," and has worked with Nathan Fillion on "Firefly."  That connection would attract even more fans to "Castle."

  • George

    Lauren Holly formally of NCIS.

    • challenger382

      YES! lauren holly or torre higginson

      • Gil

        I could see Torri Higginson playing the captain, although that would be a very similar role to her SGA role. Castle is about as incorrigible as Sheppard, so I'm not sure she'd want to do that again.


        Same goes for Lisa Edelstein.

  • CASTLE fan

    Sharon Lawrence – let's put her back on a cop show!

  • Joe

    Jean Smart for Captain


    • Rita

      Could be since she just got killed on Hawaii Five-O!

  • lame

    WOW!! Sharon Lawrence, I hadn't thought about her. Good idea.

  • Mike G

    What about Angie Dickinson? 

  • Gael H

    I think Tyne Daley was a Fantastic choice as well as Candice Bergen!  kate needs a mother figure in her life…a burnt marshmellow kind of mother figure…crusty on the outside and all soft and gooey on the inside!

  • Coco

    How about a beyond capable actress who has a relationship with the network – Rachel Griffiths. She is dynamite, can play anything, and can hit all the notes required from a show like Castle – breezy comedy to tense drama. I mean, simply compare her performances in Six Feet and Bros & Hos and you have someone who can do anything.

    Also age appropriate and can still steam up the screen. I think she would be a great foil for Kate and a formidable counter to Castle.

  • http://aol sandy

    don't care who is captain just put castle back on.  that is one of the best shows to watch.

  • misskatiegurl

    After seeing Mary McDonnell on The Closer as Captain Sharon Raydor …….  My vote is for Mary!!!!

    • Diane

      Good pick…I'd like to see her in a bigger role than 2 or 3 times a season.

    • SkepticalCanuck

      She would be a great choice, but it won't happen, because she is being groomed to replace Kyra Sedgwick after she leaves the show at the end of the upcoming season. Mary will either replace Kyra, or she will have a new show that is a spin-off of The Closer.

    • Tracee

      I heard that there is a spinoff from The Closer with Mary McDonnell's character as the star. I won't watch it because I didn't like her character and was very suprised its even in the works.

  • JS

    S. Epatha Merkerson is probably available….and she has the experience!

  • Linda

    My pick would be someone like Edward James Olmos, who would be perfect for the role.

  • jack


  • Diane

    well, Jamie Lee Curtis is the right age and is stunning….Kim Cattrall, ditto…….Rene Russo ditto……

    • Richard

      Rene Russo…had forgotten about her, perfect choice!

      • Hannah

        Yeah, Rene Russo!  Good one.

  • Jeff

    I don't think she would do TV.

    But I would like to see Diane Lane on a weekly show.

    She is a strong woman and still HOT!

  • Fae

    Denise Crosby

    Anyone remember her as Tasha Yar?

  • booga booga

    William Shatner is the best and only captain, ever!!!

    Uh … what were we talking about again?  Oh.

    If the role weren't being cast as a woman, I'd say Dennis Franz.  However, you need a sexy actor in her mid to late 40s (old enough to believably be an NYPD captain) who can create the third vertex of a triangle with Kate and Castle.  People have mentioned Edelstein and Torres; both are good choices.  I'd add Rosalind Chao.  I'd add Edie Falco, too, if she weren't otherwise busy.

  • AbbySmeeze


  • Louis Lewow

    How about Rachel Griffiths from "6 Feet Under" and "Brothers & Sisters."  You might actually set up a interesting love triangle between Castle, Becket and this new Captain. 

  • CastleFan

    I like having a male captain, let's not muck up a good thing with too much sexual tension.  The story line is good, keep it to witty humor and interesting cases — shows start dying off when become big soap operas.

  • Muriel Johnsen

    I think the Captain should be a man ——– Benjamin Bratt — Jesse Martin —Chi McBride  For a female Captain I would go with Merkersen–Beal—Jeanne Smart.  I think putting a female in charge is going to hurt the show.  Just me opinion!!!!

    • Rita

      Love Benjamin Bratt!

    • GabGirl56


  • Lynn

    Is 'Sons of Anarchy' still running? If not Katey Sagal would be great.

  • Lauren

    Elizabeth Mitchell :-D

  • lame

    Luciana, what does it say about the path the series is taking if so many want Beckett to have a rival for Castles' attention and or affection. Is it that we think she takes him for granted, or she doesn't realize what he is doing for her. 

    We actually don't know what she thinks of him or of what he does for her. The first hint we've had was when Jim Beckett talked to Castle in Knockout. The fact that Kate had told her dad of all these great stories, in detail, that her dad actually felt like he knew Castle. That's why I'd like to see a Martha Rodgers, Jim Beckett relationship develop, just so we can see the other side of the coin, the full picture. 

    That way whenever DMB comes around everyone won't be screaming for Kate to be burned at the stake.

  • http://YAHOO TINA


    • JIM


      I second the motion!

      She was magnificent on NCIS and would be an equally magnificent captain/mentor for Beckett and open up all kinds of opportunities in regard to having a past with Castle, somewhat like she had with Gibbs.

  • Jaylee

    How about Gina Gershon?  Jamie Lee Curtis would be good, too.

    @Lando  I hear you.  I miss Mal.  (Though, I did enjoy Fillion as Capt. Hammer as well…)  :)

    • Melissa

      It's funny as I was readding through all of the comments I thought that Gina Gershon or Jamie Lee Curtis would be great for the role.  Another one that I thought of was Carrie Fisher.  She supposedly has lost quite a bit of weight recently and is getting back in shape. 

  • Bob

    I think Betty White, Niecy Nash, or Kim Kardashian would be great for the role.

  • Lisa

    I think out of all the suggestions so far, Elizabeth Mitchell is my favorite. I've seen some of her shows so I am familiar with her but not enough to be considered a fan necessarily but for some reason I could really see her in the role as the new captain. She fits all the requirements that they seem to be looking for.

  • Pat

    It's a pity Castle didn't sacrifice himself to save Kate, or both sacrifice to save each other.

  • challenger382


  • Anne Jakowenko

    I think Judith Light is one of the best actors in the world. She can play anyone, and I would believe her. She is super. If not her, what about Nicolette Sheridan? Tall, blond, mean, nasty.

  • Jeff

    Kate Mulgrew

  • Tracee

    I don't like the way Kate Mulgrew talks-drives me INSANE!! Sorry to Jeff who mentioned her. I just don't know if I have the patience for the obligatory female pitted against female story line.I just don't have the patience for the bitterness at first and then the final warming up and being on friendly terms or the begrudging respect at the end of the season. I also don't want to see Lauren Holly-her once cute face is now marred by bad plastic surgery and her lips now look like a big mouth bass and its not pretty and I don't like the way that she sounds like she has spit in her mouth and cracks her hard "c" words. Never did like that when she was on All My Children. If you are going to have anyone, my suggestion would be Susan Lucci since All My Children is cancelled. She's older, she's still gorgeous, she could be the cougar after Castle. However, I still think a man should be the next Captain. Like I said, I JUST don't have the patience for a woman boss who acts like a bad ass and alienates everyone. Just don't have it.

    • Mimi

      because it's all about you and what you like

  • mom

    I do not want a female in that role. Why mess with the dynamic that they have had for 3 great, successful seasons.  One reason the show is so good, is the make-up of the characters and how they interact with each other.  Remember the saying: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it"

  • Joni

    What about the one that played the FBI lady? I don't know her name but didn't she have a "thing" for Castle?

  • shishinn

    Vera Farmiga!  She will be great to handle  the character of being in command.  But I think she's too big, don't do TV shows, and will take away the shine of Stana Katic ><

  • K&J

    Interesting speculation. We talked about it today & came up with a few suggestions. We don't want the show to end up like a soap opera–besides, the way Castle & Kate feel about each other, they wouldn't immediately fall for someone else.

    Female suggestions: Rose McGowan (Charmed), Aunjanue Ellis (Mentalist), Sasha Alexander (NCIS), Melinda Clarke (CSI and Firefly).

    Male suggestions: James Franco, Anthony Head, Oded Fehr, Brendan Frasier, Richard Dean Anderson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rob Morrow, James Belushi, James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Dylan Bruno.

    • Hannah

      Defintely not Aunjanue Ellis, it would be the same roll she played in the Mentalist.  Hard-assed boss annoyed by the plucky sidekick and takes it out on the hard-working detective female.

  • Carol

    Oh why did I read this? We are behind you here in England and now I know the ending of this series. 

    I like the idea of Lisa Edelstein but isn't she still in House? 

    Sasha Alexander would be too soft. Mary McDonnell sadly is too old.

  • Jander

    Sanctuary is getting ready to play again…

    1) Joaquim de Almeida

    2) Bryan Cranston

    3) Ian McShane

    4) Edward James Olmos

    5) Mary McDonnell

    just to name a few…

  • Amalia Flores "

    I am not happy with a replacement for Sgt.Montgomery..I wanted "HIM" back..not someone else…I thought everybody would stay together…Wht can'r Ausuiello come back.? Molliw

  • Rob

    Kate deserves the job, but that would take her off the street and the show would be BORING. Someone put Mary McDonnell and I never would have come up with that, but wouldn't she be great? Lorraine Bracco or Annette Benning would be along those same lines and would be good choices.

  • http://yahoo Gamma

    I agree, leave out the women capitan–How about Don Johnson as Captian.–he would be awesome!!!

  • JasonM

    Michelle Pfiffer anyone?

  • Kath

    When Marlowe said she was going to be in her forties and flirtatious, I wanted to say "Anyone but Lisa Edelstein".  Cuddy dressing and acting like a call girl killed much of House for me.

    I'd like the new chief to be older, Montgomery's age rather than in her forties.  CCH Pounder, Lorraine Bracco, and Judith Light would be awesome.  Kim Cattrall is tied up with Private Lives which is heading to Broadway around November.

    Out of mainstream Hollywood, I'd like Wendy Crewson to play the role. She plays touch really well (e.g. her bounty hunter on Due South) and Marlowe has worked with her before on Air Force One.

  • José

    Think about Rene Russo she is mature lovely and she have the correct profile..remember her with mel gibson? for me respecting all people of course…Rene Russo it will be some capt ;)

  • Kade

    I think Ronald is right. I think they are going to have Kate step up and be captain. that would be a very cool direction to take the show in.

  • Spock

    Kate Mulgrew…..She already was Captain Janeway in Star Trek

  • Smedley

    There are some interesting theories on here about who the new captain should be.  However, I have a somewhat different take on it.  After reading the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, I've found that most lieutenants and captains are generally beaurocrats who are working their way up the ladder.  It's rare to have a captain who was actually a detective before getting promoted.  Most of them are administrators and not familiar with the actual investigative side of the job.

    So, that being said I think the new captain should be someone who is more worried about how the department looks and worrying about their own career.  This would hamper the investigations somewhat forcing Beckett and Castle to act more like the did in "To Love and Die in L.A.", which would bring them closer together.

    I also agree that the new captain should be a woman, but not someone close to Castle's age.  I could see someone in her early to mid 50s, divorced, possibly with grown kids.  She should also have a thing for Castle, one that is completely one-sided.  Imagine Castle being uncomfortable being chased by her and Beckett enjoying watching him squirm!  Also, if Castle and Beckett start to get closer, the fact that the captain would be jealous of their relationship would make for some interesting tension.

    As for who would play the female captain, that's wide open.  There have been a lot of good suggestions on here – Kate Mulgrew, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judith Light, Carrie Fisher.  Some others I think would be good – Kate Capshaw, Virginia Madsen, Annie Potts.  Dana Delaney would have been perfect if she didn't already have her own show.  (Don't know how they would have worked around the fact that she looks identical to Agent Jordan Shaw, though.)

    It will certainly be interesting to see what the producers come up with.  Can't wait for Season 4!

    • José

      yes i agree with all… but i must say Rene Russo it is for me a great pretender to the job ;) thank god we thinl all diferent ;)

  • Bec

    While I agree that having Gillian Anderon on Castle would be AMAZING, I doubt that would happen because she is over in Britain doing theatre work. Same goes for Alex Kingston although she too I would have loved on Castle.

    Other, still awesome (just not as much) options could be:

    -Annabeth Gish

    -Jessica Oyelowo

  • Gabriella

    ohhh come on you guys!dont betray our one deserves to replace Captain Montgomery.well,maybe, unless the person has a same character like Richard Castle's havoc person,fun and so on.but i dont agree the captain to be a woman if she only meant to stand between Castle and Beckett.

  • Gabriella

    and plus,they have feeling for each other.if there is a woman stand between Castle and Beckett,it would be too cliche.

    • José

      why certain people think flirt is be in a relatioship between castle and the new boss? no way… the objective is shaking things not have a date castle and the new boss of beckett and is not cliché at all in real life things are like that too trust in marlow and the writers the new woman is fresh blood to the show ;)

      • Gabriella

        yeah but Beckett would be disappointed that her boss are flirting with Castle.she has feeling for him, and yet she is Beckett's boss.dont you think it would be a dead end for Beckett to express her feelings later?Also,the spoilers above mention 'do you think she might set her eyes on Castle romantically?'im not making things up,but if this really happen in the season 4,sorry,i dont agree.

        it is cliche because most of the film have this kind of know,like two girls fight for a boy.this doesnt only happen in highschool.and believe me,in my highschool,this matter is a cliche and people were not interested to dig their triangle love story.

  • Marye Ish


    The Captain just cannot be replaced.  I felt like I actually lost a friend and I am still tore up that he is no longer with the show.  Having said that I know we must move on.  I would vote for either S. Epatha Merkerson or Jennifer Beals.  The show's strength is its diversity.  Both of them would bring strength and feminity to the group.

  • TheMAN

    Capt. Katie Price?! Bad guy's would flee for miles!

  • Alexander

    Too bad Dana Delany was already ON the show, she'd make an interesting captain…

    Whoever they choose for the role,

    For the love of all things Castle NO MORE BLONDES. There have been enough annoying ones as is!

  • MiniCastle

    I really wish they kept Roy as the captain…It's just not the same with someone else taking HIS place, let alone him no longer being on the series, period…

    That being said, I think the whole dynamic would be better off if the captain remained male… But if they're going with a female captain… 

    Well if Lisa Edelstein and Gina Torres are too young and Dana Delany has already been on the show my votes so far are with Mary Mcdonnell (Especially after Her role on The Closer) & Gillian Anderson, (plus- come on. There needs to be a redhead on the show.)

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