Castle Spoiler: Season 4 Premiere’s Title Revealed

We are still a couple of months away from the season 4 premiere, but scoop about the fallout following that explosive cliffhanger in the season 3 finale is starting to arrive. Ausiello has revealed today that the first episode of the upcoming fourth season will be entitled “Rise”. Pretty suggestive title for a show that ended its third season with a major character getting shot in the chest by a professional killer, right?

It’s obvious that Detective Kate Beckett will eventually be okay, but the most important thing we should focus on is how she will deal with the consequences of the events that took place during “Knockout”. Ausiello has also hinted that two characters will “come to blows in the opening minutes” of the season premiere. Given that the episode is supposed to pick up not long after Kate was shot – according to Castle‘s creator Andrew W. Marlowe – things will be pretty intense from the get go. If I had to venture a guess at who those two characters might be, I would say that it is going to be Castle and Josh at the hospital. However, that just might be the shipper in me holding on to positive thinking.

So what do you guys think those two mysterious characters might be? And what are your thoughts on the season 4 premiere title?

Castle is scheduled to return with its fourth season on September 19th on ABC.

  • Richard

    I agree it has to be Josh and Castle, I can't imagine why any of the other characters would come to blows. Should be quite fun, and the opener sounds intense for sure.

  • Kate

    I hope the two boys who wanted me will not kill eachother because of me :)

    But if they want to fight Richard will win (I hope so)

    x KB

    Love u Richard :)


  • Nicole

    Josh & Castle sounds a bit cliche – somehow hoping it's Castle and Esposito

  • Europa

    And so it begins.  :-)


    First of all, I’d like to nominate, “…things will be pretty intense from the get go.” as the understatement quote of the year. LOL.  :D


    I think you’re right on the money about who’s going to come to blows.  And since my favorite song from season three was “Rise” by The Frames (used during the last two scenes of episode 313 “Knockdown”), that title is A-OK with me.  I wonder if it’s just a coincidence since “Knockdown” and “Knockout” are related episodes.  Hmm.  It’s probably more in reference to Castle rising up to take the lead in finding the shooter and the man at the top.

  • Kode

    Deffinetly going to be Castle and Josh. Although some part of me thinks it could be Castle and Beckett arguing over something stupid, like her leaving Josh?

  • Genie

    It's been confirmed …. its Castle and Josh.


    It's only going to go down one way. Castle gets knocked down and spends the rest of the episode being made fun of by everyone. (Which, we the viewers, is supposed to find funny …. although it's yet ANOTHER emasculation of the character. Oh yeah Beckett, who  gets wind of this, is furious with Castle for some reason that won't really make a whole lot of sense.

    JMO of course.

  • Kirsty

    Love the name 'Rise', very apt.

  • Kirsty

    I love the name 'Rise', very descriptive of them all having to pick themselves and each other up and start fresh.

  • l

    think about it, ”sucker punch”, ”knockdown”, ”knockout” and now ”rise”, I think the name is absolutely appropriate. can’t wait for season 4.
    but uh, now that I know the first hint about season 4, think it should be the last one for me. I mean what’s the fun in spoiling the joy huh? sometimes ignorance is a bliss LOL.
    the major fight in the season premiere has to be Castle and Josh. now I know that some might say it sounds like a cheesy fanfic plot that is out of character, but I actually think it makes sense, and no, not cheesy at all, given the emotional states everyone is in, esp. Castle. (LOL at myself, but whenever I see Castle fights, which really happened only 2 times, in  ”boom!” and ”knockdown”, I can’t help but seeing a little Mal in him.) hell! that should make one hell of a scene. is september here yet?

  • lame

    TV guide recently reported that Kate Beckett did have a vest and that she'll have a massive,painful bruise but not much else. This makes sense since Beckett wears v-neck shirts and sweaters, and a scare would kinda ruin that look. Also, if the fight is at the cemetery,then it's probably Rick and Josh and that changes the entire storyline for season four which would mean everybody at the funeral now knows exactly how Castle feels about Beckett. Wow, what an exciting twist to the story.

    Is this going to be going to be one hellava priemer.

    • lame

      One other thing, when I said everybody would know, I mean Lanie,Esposito,Ryan,Jim Beckett,Alexis and Martha Rodgers[who already knew]. That does change things,doesn't it.

  • miscellaneous

    A fight between two guys over a girl? Welcome back to High School! Fantastic. Really.

    So S4 will pick up just where S3 ended… (No, this is NOT a good thing.)

    And when the writers are swooning over great & big & intense eps then all we usually get is lots of clichés woven around lots of plotholes (just look at the bomb-two-parter or the S3 finale for instance)…

    Anyone still remembers what kinda show CASTLE is supposed to be and once was? Light-hearted and fun? No pathetic soap opera with characters (who have been originally written as smart persons!) running around aimlessly and acting like silly kids.

    • lame

      Yeah,I remember the pilot, Flowers for your Grave. Back then Castle was just as intuitive but far more wreckless,irresponsible and more daring than he is now.  So what's your point.

  • miscellaneous

    You’re a bit lame, aren’t you? (Seriously, who could have resisted?)

    Not talking about the pilot, not talking about Rick. Talking about the tone of the show. Changing from light-hearted and funny (mostly S1 & S2) to meant-to-be more serious and dramatic (especially since the ineffable nuke-two-parter). Neither

    is that the fitting tone for CASTLE (the show) nor are the writers even capable of doing that, it ends up being only pathetic and stupid. (The quarrel between Josh and Rick is just another example of how CASTLE (the show) gone silly soap.)

    • lame

      And yet the dark intense episodes bring in the highest ratings this series has ever garnered.

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