CBS Denies That Joel McHale Will Take Over Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show

CBS is now pushing back against a series of rumors that have heralded Joel McHale as the next host of The Late Late Show, now that Craig Ferguson announced he’s stepping down.

President Les Moonves said there have been “no discussions to have Joel McHale take over the Late Late Show” even as the primary rumor was started by his own wife tweeting a picture of her and McHale. Moonves also commented on the additional rumors that How I Met Your Mother alumni Neil Patrick Harris had turned down the job after it had been offered to him:

“Well, it’s not exactly true,” Moonves said. “Neil Patrick Harris has been a member of our family, and I’m very close to him personally. … So after Neil was done, we said: ‘All right, Neil, what do you want to do? What do you want to do? What are the possibilities? Want to come do a new series with us?’ And we knew probably Letterman and 12:30 might be open, late night. ‘What do you think about that?’ So it was a very general topic. So I wouldn’t say we didn’t talk about it, but he wasn’t offered it per se.”

The McHale rumors seemed to have credence given the fact that the actor’s schedule is now a bit more free with the cancellation of Community. But again, some are upset that yet another white male (or a list of white males) seem to be in contention for a prominent late night spot after Jimmy Fallon just took over for Leno, and Stephen Colbert is stepping up to the plate when Letterman leaves.

What do you think? Would McHale make for a good late, late night host?

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  • Dennis

    Sure he would be a great host. Too white? too male? What? TV cant target the largest richest US demographic? Sorry, thats the way it is.