CBS Making Show Based on Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark Book Series

Remy Carreiro December 4, 2013 0


Growing up, there was one book that really scared me. I mean “making sure your feet aren’t dangling off the side” kind of scary. I mean not going in the basement because you think there might be monsters scary. Seriously, like, genuinely scary. That book series was called Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. It was chock full of the kinds of stories that you never forget (the call is coming from INSIDE the house!), and for that reason, these books have stayed with me for a long, long time. Great news for fans of that series….

Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark is being made into a TV show from CBS. Want to know what makes it even cooler? The show’s pitch was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. Who is that, you may ask? Why, they wrote a pretty famous movie you may remember called Saw? So not only is CBS getting a Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark series, but it is going to be doing it right. This will be horror done by people who understand horror, which has me really pumped up for the show.

Hollywood Deadline has some more details, but will will let you know everything about this forthcoming show as details slowly emerge.