CBS Orders Pilot For James Gandolfini’s Taxi-22 Comedy


This is both sad and happy news, all at once. The happy part? CBS ordered a pilot episode for a new comedy series called Taxi-22. The sad part is that beloved actor James Gandolfini was attached to the project before his untimely passing last year. The show will be an American remake of a French Canadian series of the same name. Though we are excited about the show (the original is hilarious), it makes us sad to remind us of the epic loss that was James Gandolfini. It is slowly dawning on us we will never see any more work from that wonderful actor and that saddens us deeply.

As TV Line points out, Taxi-22 started out with Gandolfini attached as executive producer, with rumors also leaning toward him starring in it as well. The idea of the show just tells you well he would have fit. Taxi-22 is about an ornery, politically incorrect cab driver trying to make his living driving cabs in NYC. Sort of think of Archie Bunker in a taxi and you have a pretty good idea. Now imagine James Gandolfini as that driver? Do you even realize how well that would have worked? Sadly, the man passed, but as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on.

Thanks to CBS, looks like that is just what is happening with Taxi-22.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]

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