CBS Orders Wall Street Themed Drama From Justified Creators


You have to admit, Justified is kind of like a runaway train right now. The show started with very few people knowing the buzz, and it has just blown up. Especially in the wake of Breaking Bad ending, and people needing a new gritty drama to sink their teeth in to. So it makes sense that the creators of that particular show would be in high demand right now. Basically, studios want to have a new show they can say “from the creators of Justified” when they plug it. Looks like CBS is leading that charge, as CBS orders a Wall Street themed drama from the pair.

TV Line has the story, but we can tell you the good parts. CBS orders a show from Taymore Elmore and Ben Cavell. Better known as the dynamic duo behind Justified. The show will focus on the rough and tumble and high and mighty lives of those who work on Wall Street. Exact details are fairly mum right now, but think about Justified for a second. The clear line drawn between the good and bad guys. The scenes that make you wince and look away. The palpable tension that seems to fill each scene. Now imagine that same pacing and tension, only applied to modern day Wall Street. You gotta admit, this sounds like a surefire method for success.

Get a great idea, get some great writer and executive producers (John Cusack!) and really, you can’t fail. Oh wait, this is TV. Actually, anyone can fail in television, and there are no sure things in the industry. That said, they seem to be off to a great start here. Will fill you in on more details as they emerge.

[Photo via Anthony Harvey/Stringer]

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