CBS Will Make Internet-Only Shows Directly for Netflix and Amazon


Network TV and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime may seem to be directly at odds with each other, but they have to find a way to work together in order to keep the TV ecosystem alive. CBS has more or less conquered the ratings between The Big Bang Theory and all if its many crime shows, so it now appears to be comfortable enough to directly extend an olive branch to streaming services. CBS CEO Les Moonves revealed on an earnings call that CBS will start developing original shows with the intention of releasing them on the internet directly, not on their TV channels.

This isn’t necessarily a new thought. Though CBS makes many of its own shows, it also make’s shows for other networks, like ABC’s upcoming The Club. Now, it’s just going to be doing it for streaming services instead. Moonves said that CBS “”will be producing more and more shows for more and more outlets, including major streaming companies and other emerging distributors.” It seems that CBS has so many ideas for hits, they don’t even have the space to run them themselves.

And in this day and age, it’s hard to say no to CBS, as far and away they’ve produced the most high-rated hits of any network in the last ten years, particularly non-reality shows. The truth of it is that Netflix or Amazon would likely pay a pretty penny for a CBS-developed show, and be able to slap their badge on it so its supposed quality could represent their own brand.

Obviously CBS is not infallible, and they’ve certainly developed their fair share of bombs. These streaming services just have to believe they’re buying the right kinds of products, the shows that are going to be hits, not duds. I’m curious to see what sort of shows will be developed, if they’re stay within the CBS sitcom/crime wheelhouse, or expand outside that.

[Photo via CBS]

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