A Charlie Brown Christmas Is On ABC Tonight at 8 pm

Remy Carreiro December 2, 2013 0


It has been a ritual of mine, my entire life, to make sure I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, every year. To me, it does not feel like Christmas until I have heard Linus extol upon the virtues of its very existence. Thing is, if you don’t pay attention to TV, it is easy to miss it. The special tends to come and go rather quickly, and often, right after Thanksgiving. This year will be no exception. Relax, I am here to tell you that you have not missed it. It actually airs tonight at 8 p.m on ABC.

What is so remarkable about A Charlie Brown Christmas is, it still works perfectly today. Still tells as clearly and concisely an anti-consumerism tale as has ever been told. What is insane, and what I don’t think a lot of people know is that this amazing holiday special first aired in 1965. Yes, that is almost fifty years ago. In other words, you parents and your parent’s parents all watched this special. But how is it still so relevant? Because the real themes of Christmas never go out of style, and that is exactly what the special is about.

Actually, one thing I know young kids don’t get about A Charlie Brown Christmas Special is all the “aluminum trees” references. No one rocks giant, fake, metal trees anymore. Outside of that, though, the show feels like it was made last year.

So make sure to make some cocoa and sit down with the fam to watch this amazing special tonight. Thus, officially beginning the holiday season for many of us.

[Photo via Flickr]