Chelsea Handler Eyeing David Letterman’s Job


We told you guys last week that Chelsea Handler was leaving her E show after 8 years. It is just how life works, sometimes. You grow out of things and want to spread your wings. Well, we also announced that David Letterman was retiring last week. Well, it seems CBS was actually talking to Chelsea about her potentially getting a show on the network. But once the Letterman news was announced, she shifted her plans. Now we see Chelsea Handler eyeing David Letterman’s job. Man, that mate night world is a lot like the world of politics, huh?

Essentially, what Handler is doing is like attempting to jump from the little leagues to the majors. Granted, she did her time and hosted her show for 8 years, going from a no one to a household name. But, in doing so, has she earned the most coveted hosting position of all time? Perhaps, so, but that is up to CBS to decide. Right now, the truth is, we have no leads about who will take Letterman’s seat. The Wrap has some great points about all of this late night drama, as well as their thoughts on Chelsea Handler eyeing David Letterman’s job.

Our thoughts on all this are simple. Sure, CBS can give Chelsea a show, or give her Craig Ferguson’s 12:30 position. I am cool with all that. But please, CBS. Please, by all things holy, give the Late Show to Louis C.K. I will say this every day in every article if I need to for the next six months. We will keep you posted on the late night politics as more of it slowly unfolds.

[Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty]

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