Chelsea Handler To Leave Chelsea Lately


So what do you guys think of Chelsea Handler?  Seems that are only two schools of thought about the star. One, people love her and think her self deprecating brand of humor works in her favor. Yet, the other school seems to be people who hate her. There never seems to be someone who just thinks she is okay. They are either fevered fans or rabid haters. Well, in news that is sure to rile up both sides, seems Chelsea Handler is readying to leave Chelsea Lately on the E network.

This, being Chelsea Handler’s end of her contract, she thought rather than renew it, she would like to move on. To what, we don’t quite know yet, but we know she has some other people in mind to host her show. No names have been given yet, so we cannot help you in that dept. All they have said is that a radio show host and some others have been spoken to. She could not be hinting that she might give her show to Howard Stern, right? We wish we knew, but that is pure speculation on our part. The details of the split are over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Also, when someone new takes over her show, does the name stay Chelsea Lately? I know that seems like an odd question, but I would seriously ask for a name change if I was one of the people set to inherit her show from her. Reality is, Chelsea Handler had a good (eight year) run on the show, and it might be a nice time to shuffle off stage while people still have fond memories of you.

We will keep you posted on what she does next.

[Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty]

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