The Chinese are Binge Watching Doctor Who and Sherlock Too


The BBC has decided that the time is right to commit more fully to bringing more programming to China, and they have been rewarded by the viewing public. Their deals with Chinese streaming services have been very popular, and the Chinese are increasingly binge watching episodes of Doctor Who and Sherlock, much like their US counterparts are known to do. So US viewers, take relief, for you are not alone. The Chinese are just as committed to British dramas as you all are. Also, the Chinese have discovered the wonders of binge watching television, a craze which has swept the world as streaming services offer ever increasing libraries.

While the BBC’s new programming in China is mostly new episodes of documentaries about natural, archeology, or sports, they are also offering a full gamut of viewing options such as competition shows and dramas. Chinese restrictions on foreign television have increased over the past few years, but the BBC has worked extremely hard to overcome these restrictions, and the Chinese have mostly been welcoming to the BBC’s uncontroversial programming. While the BBC World Service is of course still heavily censored, most British entertainment programming can be brought straight to China without serious issues, especially their fantastic array of documentary series and movies.

The BBC’s push is likely a part of the major British push to open China to British exports in a number of markets, a so far successful initiative spearheaded by diverse interests governmental and nongovernmental alike (it is important to remember that the BBC, for all its commercial dealings, is essentially a government bureau). But in any case, the Chinese entertainment market is becoming increasingly diverse and developed, with the sophistication of the other large world markets.

[Photo via BBC]

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