Chris Jericho Returning to the WWE

chris jericho

So, in a not-so-surprising move, Chris Jericho is back at the WWE, where all wrestlers still able to walk return to collect their paychecks and make an ass out of themselves. While he was allegedly touring with his rock band, Jericho’s arrival was leaked earlier in the day before the live episode. Jericho is an relatively popular wrestler, who has been wrestling in the WWE on and off for well over a decade. He is well known within the wrestling fan base, and his absence this time was notable because of his relatively greater age (though Chris Jericho could very well be one of the wrestlers that winds up wrestling into old age and dotage, like Rick Flair and Sting). He certainly seems healthy enough right now, something that his frequent absences have no doubt helped with.

The drama of the WWE, as corny as it is, still entertains many hundreds of thousands of fans every week and has produced a vast fortune for the McMahon family. Whether one laughs or cheers (or weeps for humanity) when exposed to the show, it is certainly still a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry with a highly dedicated fan base spread all over the world. And there is little doubt in my mind that Chris Jericho’s arrival (again) will assist the massive company in rescuing its recently plummeted stock options (the McMahon family actually lost its billionaire status due to this). Bringing back an aging star could be a very positive development for them.

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