Why Christopher Walken Needs His Own Show

christopher walken

We can all say what we want about the show House of Cards, but that show solely exists to show us how awe inspiring Kevin Spacey is at acting. It is a show that is very much built around that man. A show that acts as a sort of awesome spotlight to show the world just what he can do when he is put on camera. The end result is a show that is amazing with a actor who makes it work so well and shines. So let me ask you. Why isn’t there a House of Cards type show that can do the same for Christopher Walken?

Can you even tell me for a second you would not want to watch a show awash in strange, cryptic Walken monologues? If you say yes, I want nothing to do with you. Anything Chris Walken says, no matter what way he says it, is quotable. There has to be a writer out there who could do the man’s style justice? I mean, I know I could do it, but am a lowly internet writer, so the likelihood is slim. How about be make him a show where he can be morally ambiguous. A show where he can dance between good and bad so that we never fully love him and we never fully hate him, yet we cannot look away? Would that be so hard?

I am just saying, if there are writers looking around for an actor to inspire a show, they needn’t look any further than Christopher Walken. I would honestly watch a reality show of that guy reading the phone book. He is THAT interesting.

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