‘Chuck’ Producer Scott Rosenbaum New Showrunner for ‘V’ on ABC

6a00e54fb7301c88340115709d77aa970b-800wiABC has announced a new showrunner for their highly promoted alien epic V, which premieres tonight and will air four episodes during November before going on a very long break. The new showrunner will be Scott Rosenbaum who is currently the executive producer on NBC’s Chuck (Warner Bros TV produces both Chuck and V) and he’ll be taking the helm of the series from current showrunner Scott Peters when production begins again in January 2010.

According to the studio, Scott Peters (the showrunner for the first 4 episodes) will be remaining as an executive producer on the show and fellow producer Jeffrey Bell is expected to leave, making room for Rosenbaum. ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson spoke more about the Rosenbaum hiring saying, “We had a great pilot, then a couple of great episodes, but we had a disconnect on where we were going from there. I hadn’t had the experience of that before.” McPherson went on to say he takes “a little blame for rushing them” due to the need to move the series premiere up to November from its originally slated 2010 debut.

This changing of the guards, so to speak, certainly brings to mind the recent production shut down that had rumors swirling that ABC was unhappy with the series and what it’s future might be. Scott Wolf, who plays television journalist Chad Decker on V, recently said in an interview with Hilary Rothing of UGO that, “..from the outset the intent was to program this show, broadcast this show in a unique way.” In light of the show changes and specifically what McPherson says about disagreeing on the direction of the show certainly makes you wonder if there was more to the production shut down than meets the eye. Regardless, though, V is back on course and under Scott Rosenbaum’s guidance when production resumes. We just have to wait until March to see just what that direction is exactly.

The Visitors arrive on ABC tonight when V premieres at 8/7 central.

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