Are Comcast and Apple Teaming Up To Stream TV?


Well, this is some interesting news, and right out of left field. Seems as of right now there are some rumors circulating that Comcast and Apple may be teaming up in an attempt to bringing a streaming TV service to the masses. While this could be good, we also should note, there are already many ways to stream TV, and ones like Google Chrome are cheap and easy to use. Can these two giants offer us something that hasn’t already been offered to us? We looked into it a bit.

Basically, how it will work is this. Comcast and Apple will be working together to provide a service (using an Apple created box) for Comcast users so they could stream live TV without having to contend with bandwidth issues that usually plague and slow down such services. The box would also allow you to record and save your shows on a Cloud memory service, which could be the kicker that gets people on board. Remember, if you are going to offer something someone else offers, make sure you are doing it in a way no one has done before.

For more details on this potential merger, head on over to The Wall Street Journal. As of right now it is way too early for us to pass any kind of judgement on this, but we can confess, we are definitely intrigued to see what these two giants could do if they worked together. More on this as we learn it.

[Photo via Joe Raedle/Getty]

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