Comedy Bang Bang Season Premiere Tonight


Tonight is a very special night. The kind of night you want to light candles, dim the lights, and play some smooth jazz. The kind of night you take a bubble bath and then go watch the season premiere of Comedy Bang Bang on IFC. Okay, so maybe we have not talked about Comedy Bang Bang enough here, but can you blame us? It is an insane show that is very hard to sum up in words. Part sitcom, part talk show, and all insane.

But, my God, it’s awesome, too!

The mix of Reggie Watts and Scott Aukerman just strikes a perfect blend of insanity, sanity, and riotous laughter. Add to that the rotating list of amazing guests (Patton Oswalt being one of the guests for tonight’s premiere) and you have a talk show quite unlike anything out there. Everything from the comedy bits they do to Reggie’s insane improv songs and weird back and forths they have with their famous guests, it all works. It all has a very Tim and Eric feel to it (pretty sure they produce it) and it is nice to see a little comedic anarchy among all the safe and sanitized talk shows out there.

So make sure to tune into IFC tonight and catch the season premiere of Comedy Bang Bang.

[Photo via IFC]

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