Comic-Con – Tron: Legacy Panel

After the Megamind panel, Disney presented a panel for Tron: Legacy, a sequel to 1982’s Tron. Thie movie stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Michael Sheen. It is directed by Joe and written by Lost scribes Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (see, it’s TV related!).

The panel, hosted by Patton Oswalt, started with a video package of Tron references in pop culture, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, and even Tron On Ice! The panel then discussed the features of the movie: the suits worn by the cast inside the video game actually light up themselves, as opposed to having them lit in post-production like in the first movie. Further, the movie eas filmed in 3-D; the effect was not added later. Perhaps the biggest surprise that was revealed is the fact that Jeff Bridges appears as his 35-yr old self! There is even. A showdown between the 35 and 62-yr old Bridgeses.

The cast were then asked questions by fans. Highlights include the inclusion of Daft Punk as composers of the film’s score, Olivia Wilde’s new appreciation for video games (and the men who play them), and Garrett Hedlund’s intense martial arts, motorcycle and parkour training.

An eight minute preview was then shown. Let me say, this movie looks pretty badass. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and I think the father-son storyline will be ripe for some great dramatic moments, too. After the preview, attendees were treated to another surprise. Director Jim Kazinski said everyone in attendance will be a part of the finished film! Following a bouncing ball, the crowd was led in cheers and some foot stomping to be used in the big arena battle scenes, that was recorded by Skywalker Sound. Some people’s rhythm left a little to be desired, but it was very fun to know that we will be in the movie this winter.

Tron: Legacy looks like it is going to be absolutely fantastic, regardless of whether you’ve seen the original or not. The movie premieres December 17, 2010. Take it from me, you’re not going to want to miss it.

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