Community’s Sixth Season Won’t Premiere Till 2015 Most Likely

"Community" Panel - Comic-Con International 2014

My fellow TVOvermind writer, Paul, already filled you guys on how Yahoo will not binge-release Community when it arrives on Yahoo Screen for its sixth season. However, more information has come out about exactly what this new version of Community will look like and when it will premiere. Good news: Community will be the same old Community, according to Dan Harmon. Bad news: we most likely won’t be getting any new episodes of the series until 2015.

All of this news was released at Comic-Con yesterday, when Harmon and the cast spoke to the crowd about the series 11th hour renewal and how they’re excited to get back to work on the show. And thankfully, it will be the same type of show that it was on NBC, even though Yahoo’s streaming platform may allow for a little bit more edgy material.

“The Community that [fans] recognize needs to be there,” Harmon said yesterday. “My philosophy is: Attempt to make the same show, and let the lack of boundaries make themselves felt. I don’t want to take the wheels off so much that people think, ‘This is a new show.’”

When asked fro more specifics about how the sixth season of Community would like, regarding Jeff and Britta versus Jeff and Annie and other relationships on the show, Harmon stated how Community is, first and foremost, about a group of friends, but that these romantic entanglements do obviously occur in real life.

“Human beings fall in love,” Harmon said. “Human beings have crushes. Human beings are sexual beings, which always complicates life in a… group of friends. It’s not just a workplace comedy. So centering it on one relationship would be the beginning of the end… You let these stories happen.”

Harmon also said he’s not sure if the writers and he will be doing any holiday episodes for this new season. They want to try to avoid having a Halloween or Christmas episode airing in February, and since the Community writers won’t head back to work until the fall, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we won’t be seeing any of  the show’s new season till at least before Christmas.

However, the simple fact that Community is returning for a sixth season is a true achievement and a testament to how much fans love this show. No matter how, when, or where it airs, there’s no doubt, they’ll be watching it.

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