Conan O’ Brien Becomes A Deputy: Part 2


Earlier in the week, we showed you guys a video of Conan O’ Brien becoming a deputy in Texas. We also spouted for about 300 words about how when Conan does bits on the road for his show, they are never less than brilliant and hilarious. Well, we feared we had seen the end of Conan as a deputy, and boy were we wrong. Truth is, that may have been just the beginning. I pray to the Gods of TV that this becomes an ongoing bit.

So as you recall, Conan O’ Brien was deputized in Texas (which I personally believe is a nod to Walker: Texas Ranger, which he used to talk about ALL the time) and the bit ended up being great. Basically, it showed that Conan would make an awful deputy, and his first instinct is to shoot everyone in the back. He may not be actual deputy materiel, but for the sake of TV, he made it. Well, now we have the follow up, and it is even better than the first one. Truth is, Conan looks a bit TOO deeply into things, making small issues into huge True Detective style cases. I am saying too much, watch it for yourself:

Say what you want about Conan, but out of date candy bars are a mortal sin, and I am glad someone is finally brave enough to step up and say and do something about it.

[Photo via  Jason Merritt/Getty]

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