Conan O’Brien Becomes A Deputy (For A Skit)


Conan O’ Brien is the man. He really is. I have talked about it before, and will talk about it again. If Conan hadn’t done self deprecating the way he did, it would have never opened the door the way it did for Jimmy Fallon. Yes, I truly think that. The things that work best on Fallon were all road tasted by Conan. The skits and the celebrity interactions. This is all stuff Conan O’ Brien brought to late night. So do you want proof he is still best at it? Oh, I got your proof, partner.

Is it weird I would totally buy a DVD of all of Conan O’ Brien’s skits when he goes out and visits places? I honestly think that is some of his best work, and highlights what he does best. Improv at his own (and other people’s expenses). And if you are one of the people worrying that Conan may have lost his touch, just peep this:

Now imagine, for a moment, Jay Leno or David Letterman attempting to do this exact same sketch. Do you think it would have worked? Nope. It was the fact that Conan really IS that guy, down to Earth, a little insane, and very genuine. Plus, if you grew up on Conan like I did, you know his love for Texas Rangers. Seeing him become one is pretty insane, but a riot.

[Photo via Steve Jennings/Stringer]

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