Conan O’ Brien To Host the 2014 MTV Movie Awards


I think most of can agree that one of the best aspects of the MTV Movie Awards is the little skits they do with the host in between the movies. I still think putting Jack Black in Spiderman so many years ago was hilarious and unforgettable. But can we take a moment to talk about just how good the skits might be this year? Why do I think that, you ask? Simply put, because Conan O’ Brien is hosting the MTV Movie Awards this year. That alone speaks volumes for just how good it will this year. Spoiler alert. Gravity will win everything. Except for best kiss. Pretty sure they didn’t have one of those.

I truly believe that what makes Conan so funny and easy to relate to even though he is a superstar is just how self deprecating his humor is. He has no problem making himself the butt of the joke, even around the world’s most beautiful woman. I cannot help but think that will translate really well when he hosts the MTV Movie Awards this year. If you want to see Conan snuggling with a moon man statue in preparation, click here. Just be forewarned, it is innocent, but cannot be unseen.

The 2014 Movie Awards, hosted by Conan O’ Brien, will be Sunday, April 13th, but you can safely assume MTV will have plenty of advertising about it before then, so we don’t think you need to write down the date. Also, Triumph better get a front row seat. That could end up being the best thing, ever. Yes. I wanna see Conan floating around and screaming in a Gravity inspired bit with Triumph. That, my friends, would be gold.

[Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]

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