Courtney Cox Talks About a Friends Reunion


People love nostalgia. They love looking back on a good time in their life and trying to recall the feelings they had when they first experienced those things. For that reason alone, people talk about the show Friends and a possible Friends reunion like it would be the greatest thing ever. It is something that the masses want. Usually, when the masses demand something in pop culture, the pop culture gods listen and deliver it. All I can say after watching this footage of Courtney Cox on Letterman is, don’t hold your breath for that Friends reunion.

You would almost expect her to say something cordial about how it is hard to get them all in the same place at the same time, but she sounds more bitter about it. She points out she cannot even get them together (not even once in ten years) to sit and eat dinner with each other. Sadly, she flat out says it wont happen. Yup, that is a confirmed no-go on the Friends reunion. Here, see for yourself:

So as much as we all may have wanted a Friends reunion, and thought a Friends reunion would bring in a ton of numbers and be an absolute joy, seems it is not happening. Apprently, the Friends really aren’t Friends at all. The thing no one is telling her, oddly enough is, when you are invited to dinner, you don’t leave with a 275 thousand dollar check. With a reunion, you do. So honestly, even though she says it, I would not write it off yet.

[Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty]

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