CSI: NY Photos: First Look at Season 8 Premiere

Clarissa August 26, 2011 0

CSI: NY has decided to tackle 9/11 when it returns for its season 8 premiere. With the tenth anniversary approaching this year, the show wanted to do a tribute that producer Zachary Reite told TV Guide is “simple and respectful, and I think we accomplished that.”

At the end of the seventh season, Mac (Gary Sinise) vowed to take time off from the lab. When the show opens, Mac will be working with his friend, retired fire chief Joe Vincent. Robert Forster will be making a guest appearance as Joe Vincent and the two characters will be working on a memorial project together, since Joe lost his son on 9/11, while Mac lost his wife.

Jaime Ray Newman will be making a guest appearance as Mac’s deceased wife, Claire Taylor. The episode will take place in the present, where Mac is unveiling the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, and in flashbacks, where each member of the team recalls their own moments from 9/11. We’ll see flashbacks of Mac saying goodbye to his wife as she left for work and then again when he arrived at the World Trade Center after the attacks.

We’ll also see Det. Danny Messer and Det. Don Flack meeting for the first time at the site of the World Trade Center on 9/11.