The CW Develops Pilot For Science Fiction Show Messengers


With shows like The Tomorrow People and the upcoming Star Crossed, The CW is showing itself to be a serious contender for great science fiction shows, and it’s looking to keep that trend going with some recent news. Seems the network just ordered a pilot for a science fiction, apocalypse themed show called The Messengers. If it is half as good as The Tomorrow People, we may just have some more great science fiction from The CW on our hands. Being a sci-fi nerd, this makes me very happy.

TV Line has the scoop, but we can scoop out all the good parts for you. The Messengers is being written by Teen Wolf writer, Eoghan O’ Donnell. The concept for the show is that a strange object crashes to Earth from space, and the impact sends off an energy pulse that straight murders a bunch of people. These people later come to with the realization that they are the only ones who can stop the earth from an impending apocalypse. Wow, that sounds both heavy and awesome. Also sounds intriguingly insane. I mean, imagine that? Something falls to Earth and kills you, but then you wake up with some great responsibility.

Details on cast and characters are still hush hush, but seems The CW really believes in this one, as it is already going into filming next month. Can we expect it in 2014 or 2015 is a bit tougher to call right now. As for me, I am stoked about The Messengers. Sounds like sci-fi done right, and The CW have really upped their game in the last year with Arrow and many others. Let’s see if The Messengers can keep that flawless record going for the network.

More news on The Messengers as we get it.

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty]

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