Damian Lewis of Homeland Lands New Gig on PBS as King

Damian Lewis became quite a household name after Homeland. I would say even more so after his fitting end on that show. This led many big fans of Lewis to wonder what the talented actor would do next. Would he do films? Would he do another drama show? Would he make a relaxing album of hymns. Okay, no one may have wondered that last one, but you get my point. Good news for fans of Damian Lewis, as we now know what he will be doing next.

Seems our favorite (fake, television) terrorist is going to be playing King Henry the VIII on PBS. It will be a mini-series. A six part adaptation of the book Wolf Hall, which will feature the tumultuous court of the king and all the insanity that went along with it. It may not be a new series in the sense that we will get to see Damian Lewis week after week, but it sounds like a meaty enough piece that he will get another chance to flex his acting muscle and leave us all in awe. It is a star-studded cast, and sounds like it will be a mini-series befitting of the word “epic”, although that word does tend to get over used.

Right now, they are hoping Wolf Hall will have a 2015 premier, as filming is already underway. We will keep you posted on this as more news arrives. This sounds like it could end up being a must-watch for 2015. Remember, the last show I said that about was True Detective. I have a pretty good instinct about these things.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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