Dan Harmon’s Thoughts on Cancellation of Community


As many of you know from my article yesterday about Community being cancelled, I am super, mega, seriously upset about this. I felt like the show had reached a whole new stride, and to think it was taken out when it just found its legs again was sad and a stupid choice on the part of the execs at NBC (yeah, I said it). But what many of us have been wondering is what Dan Harmon, the show’s brilliant creator, thinks about it. Well, Deadline Hollywood has some answers.

Mainly, Dan Harmon thinks this is it. He loves the shows and really feels for the fans, but he thinks this is it. He knows some other networks may want it, and Sony may have some ideas of their own about it, but he almost sounds like he is willing to let it rest for now. He claims that, for slightly selfish reasons, he doesn’t want to move the show. He also talks about how he knows it was his strongest season yet, and how many shows get to go out on a high note? Most people never thought the show would live past season four, so in many ways, season five was a gift to the die hard fans. But for now, it looks like Harmon is playing the funeral song and letting Greendale walk the green mile. Gosh, this makes me so sad.

BUT, in one glimmering but of hope, Harmon says he may have heard rumblings about Netflix wanting it, so we cannot write it off just yet. Plus, we can’t technically write anything until we find Annie’s missing pen.

[Photo via NBC]

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