David Chase Says We May Just Get A Sopranos Prequel

So I guess prequels are gonna be the next big thing when it comes to TV. Breaking Bad has Better Call Saul coming, and this may have opened a door that may not close anytime soon. Seems Sopranos creator David Chase says we may be getting a Sopranos prequel now. While I am open to the idea, I do feel like a Sopranos without James Gandolfini is just not a Sopranos to me. I may end up eating those words (and sleeping with the fishes because I am talking smack), but that is just me. Feels odd.

Truth is, if your read the source article, it sounds more like he was being hounded and just may have told a bunch of fevered Sopranos fans what they wanted and needed to hear. From the way he explains it, all he said was if anything, he would do a prequel. Not that a prequel was coming, not that one was in the works. Nope, just a hypothetical response to someone. He mentions something about being intrigued by 1920’s gang life, so it makes me wonder just how far back this prequel could potentially go. I think the reality here is, we all need to let go. Sopranos was a great show, with a great ending. Yup, I said it. That ambiguous ending was genius. He left whether Tony was living or dying up to us as the audience. Do you even realize what a gift David Chase gave us in that moment? We write the final chapter in our minds, not him. That is what made it remarkable.

Oh, and regarding the Sopranos prequel: I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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