Dexter’s David Zayas Joins FOX’s Gotham

david zayas

Sergeant Batista may have spent his last few years on Dexter not doing much other than bickering with La Guerta and opening his own restaurant, but now actor David Zayas has been cast in what seems to be a rather pivotal role in FOX’s Gotham. Now, he’s going to be on the other side of the law, and has reportedly been cast to play Salvatore Maroni, a mobster who in the comics, famously threw acid in the face of Harvey Dent, disfiguring him into the villain known as Two-Face.

But it seems it might take a while to build to that point, as Dent has yet to be cast in season one, and may not show up for some time. Perhaps they’re building up Maroni’s arc to eventually lead to that moment down the road, but it may take a while to get there. And for anyone who has been watching the last few Batman movies, the universe loves to reinvent the story of how Dent was disfigured. As you’ll recall, in The Dark Knight, it was the Joker who was responsible, and Dent’s face was burned by fire, not acid.

Moroni’s rival in Gotham is said to be another big mob boss from the Batman universe, Falcone, a character which is cast and will be played by John Doman. With Gotham centered on a more grounded approach to Batman and his villains, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of the mob with the focus on policemen like Gordon and Bullock, rather than only super-powered or at the very least, flamboyant villains from the comics. 

Zayas is an interesting pick-up, and Gotham continues to be as intriguing as ever. We’ll see how it all takes shape this fall.

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