Disney Bringing Lion King Show, The Lion Guard, To the Table

lion king

The Lion King is just one of those iconic movies that you hear someone bring up at least once a week. The move had a huge impact on all who saw it, and the Broadway show only helped make it even more popular. Well, some great news (or scary news, depending on how sacred the source material is to you). Seems Disney is trying to bring the Lion King to TV. Well actually, it will be called The Lion Guard, and is just different enough sounding to pique our curiosity.

The Lion Guard will focus on Kion, the second born son of Nala and Simba, as he assembles a wild crew of his friends and fellow animals to guard the Pride Lands. The show will first premiere as a TV movie, and then turn into a show. To anyone concerned, yes. The show will features cameos of some of people’s favorite characters from the original Lion King movie, including Timon and Pumbaa. The show will focus on how important family and environment are, and will teach kids the fine art of problem solving skills, like all Disney fare seems to do so well.

As of right now, The Lion Guard is set to debut in early 2016 on the Disney Channel. We will keep you posted on this and any interesting revelations that may unfold about it over the next few weeks. I guess it really was the circle of life, and it is spinning back around.

[Photo via Disney]

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