Dramas Boosted on Piracy Sites By Emmys

breaking bad4

The dramas and miniseries such as Breaking Bad have seen a massive increase in pirating as the night of the Emmys approached. Pirating of the nominated dramas increased dramatically according to a study conducted by anti-piracy consultants CEG TEK, in Breaking Bad’s case increasing by 412% during the week before and after the Emmys. This was of 50 tracked shows.

Dramas showed the largest increase, while most comedies did not show an uptick (Veep, HBO’s premiere current comedy, was a notable exception, jumping 11 spots in the rankings, though still ranking far below The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black). Despite Breaking Bad’s increase, it remained far below the level of Game Of Thrones’ pirates, which unsurprisingly remained the most pirated show of all time throughout the Emmy season (as well as one of the hardest/most expensive shows to obtain legally, a connection that should not be lost on observers of levels of piracy).

The average drama increased by 340% during the fortnight before and after the Emmys, a massive surge in downloads and interest in television that can likely, if not surely, be directly attributed to the awards program. So while the awards show may not attract viewers like it used to, it is showing that it has influence in other ways (and that a lot of online pirates care who is at least nominated for awards at the industry’s biggest trade show).  This is actually a very unusual study, as it has been proven by multiple studies that total audience levels are not widely affected by who does or doesn’t win or even get nominated for an Emmy.

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