Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson Will Swap Hosting Jobs on April Fool’s Day


I really hope this is going to be a new TV trend. Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson have pre-announced a little April Fool’s Joke. On the 1st in a few weeks, they’re going to be hosting each other’s shows. Carey will get his own late night gig on The Late Late Show, and Ferguson will give away money on The Price is Right. The statement was made in a joint video from the two you can watch here if you’re so inclined.

Part of me wondered why they would bother pre-announcing a joke like this. Wouldn’t it have been funnier if people just tuned into see one hosting the other’s show on the first like nothing was different? But then again, it’s also likely a ratings stunt. By announcing ahead of time, they expect more people will tune in to see the host swap than they would otherwise. When looking at it through that prism, they really kind of had to announce it was happening. Whoever went first, Ferguson on Price is Right, would have been at a disadvantage, and then people would have flocked to his show later to see if Carey showed up there. Lopsided ratings.

While this is just Carey and Ferguson for now, I’d love if other hosts started to do this, like how on April Fool’s Day newspaper cartoonists draw each other’s strips. Jon Stewart hosting The Situation Room while Wolf Blitzer tries to be funny on The Daily Show? I’d watch that.

[Photo via USA Today]

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