Elisha Cuthbert to Lead NBC’s One Big Happy


Everyone is still pretty sad about the dismantling of the fabulous Happy Ending cast, but most or all of them appear to be landing on their feet elsewhere. Now we have news that Elisha Cuthbert has landed her own pilot at NBC. Here’s the idea via Vulture:

“Cuthbert will be playing a lesbian who tries to have a baby with her best friend (Zano) through artificial insemination. They finally succeed right when Zano meets and marries the love of his life. Though they aren’t dating, it feels like Penny will still be annoyed that Alex and her old fiancé Pete are hanging out so much without her.”

That’s a little Happy Ending reference there for those of you who missed it.

In my estimation, Cuthbert was the best part about Happy Endings, and by far the funniest character, even in a cast of funny character. I’m really excited to see her land a new leading role like this, and the concept certainly sounds interesting.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]

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