Ellen Show Hits Ratings High With Holiday Giveaways

Remy Carreiro December 27, 2013 0


Did anyone see The Ellen Show becoming the powerhouse it has? It seems Ellen hit at just the right time and has gone on to carve herself a perfect niche as the key personality in day time talk shows. In more ways than one, she is following in Oprah’s footsteps. What do we mean? Recently The Ellen Show hits ratings high with the show’s recent holiday give-aways. Hey, if it worked for Oprah, it can work for Ellen.

As Deadline Hollywood points out, Ellen’s 12 Days of Give Aways has netted her some amazing ratings. 4.4 million viewers at its height. The highest ratings the show has ever gotten, to be specific. Here’s the thing. Ellen Degeneres is a great host. She makes all her guests feel at home, and the end result are interviews that seem more like two people casually hanging out than anything else. Add to that the simple act of giving away some prizes, and BAM, it makes perfect sense to us that The Ellen Show hits ratings high with its 12 Days of Give Aways. The simple fact is, with or without prizes, we can all agree Ellen is the best talk show host on day time TV right now, period.

So essentially, good for Ellen. She deserves it.

[Photo via Michael Buckner/Getty]