Eminem Shows Up For ESPN’s Saturday Night Football: Madness Ensues


So if you were sitting in front of the TV Saturday night, watching ESPN, you got treated to a surprise guest. Famous rapper Eminem showed up and appeared with Brent Musburger to talk a little bit about his new single. Thing is, Slim Shady did not treat this like a guest appearance. More like he just walked in from the street and was just a wee bit confused.  I am here to tell you he wasn’t confused at all. He was trolling, professional style, and the end result was sort of brilliant. In a wickedly uncomfortable way.

If you want to see it, click here, but I will fill you in on the best part. You see, what Eminem does in situations like this is he trolls. He says or does strange things to get reactions from the hosts. In this case, a big part of his shtick came from acting like he was confused and had no idea what he was doing. At one point, before they cut to his new video (which is why he was there) we see him staring blankly, with his mouth hanging open for a good twenty seconds straight. It is the kind of TV that makes conservatives uncomfortable and nervous, and that is just why Eminem did it.

Come on, you need to give the guy some credit. To step outside of his safety zone, and yet still have the ability to make himself the butt of the joke, well making everyone else wildly uncomfortable, is a gift. A gift very few people have.

Yet, somehow, Eminem has it, and reminded us all of that with his few moments on ESPN this weekend.

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