Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon Have an Amazing Lip Sync Contest

Emma Stone is from the rare school in Hollywood of good actresses who actually seem sweet and like they are good people in real life, too. She just exudes a charm and contagious energy that is hard to deny. And no matter what mood you see her in, well, honestly, she just seems like she is always in a great mood. You know who else is like that? Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon. So to me, it makes great sense that these two would meet up on his show and have a lip sync battle. Lucky for us, that is just what they did.

As I am sure many of you know, this is a “thing” Jimmy Fallon does now with certain guests. He invites them to go over and have a lip sync battle with him, on his show. No matter who wins, the results are always nothing short of fantastic. The above video of Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon lip sync battling is no exception to that rule.

I have a bucket list that I made one day and filled with things I never thought I would see. I did it as a sort of self mocking tribute to the emptiness of my own life, and wouldn’t you know it, Emma Stone lip syncing Blues Traveler was on that list. Oh, the irony of scratching that off. Seriously, though, that was awesome.

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