Is E!s “Look Book” Worth a Look?

The brand new series “Look Book” on E! is the Kardashian-Jenner girls’ celebration of their unique fashion that takes a close up look at what they believe to be their best ten looks over the past decade. The bigger question being, “is the show worth watching?” The answer to the query isn’t a solid yes or no, but rather, it depends on what you’re into. For some people, it will be a waste of time and for others, it would be great. Here is why we take this stand

More Kardashian reality

If you are a fan of the Kardashian girls then you’d probably enjoy the show. It’s a more in-depth look at the fashions that they became famous for over the past ten years. They are all about the clothing, the fit, the styles and newer trendsetting couture. The value for fans is found in becoming more acquainted with the girls and how their tastes have changed over the years. Kylie Jenner gets in on the action with her sisters as well. She is the more reserved of the group and she brings a different and interesting perspective to the group.

There are two major reasons you would want to tune in

Kardashian fans who love to find out more about them in past, present and future can learn about their tastes in fashion and how they have evolved. Some fans have shown their loyalty through social media posts and for those who have a strong desire to follow in the Kardashians’ footsteps, you’ll get some good information here.

The second reason you should watch is if you’re truly into fashion and want to catch up on trends along with new looks, because the information is going to be there. The girls are socialites who have their focus on setting precedents in fashion and style and if this is a passion, you would probably enjoy watching.

Who wouldnt enjoy “Look Book”

Anyone who is not a fan of the Kardashians probably wouldn’t want to spend their time viewing the show. If you’re not impressed with high fashion and expensive clothing, shoes and accessories, there’s really nothing here for you.There are several different kinds of Look Books, which by definition is a set of photographs or videos that display the new collections of fashion designers and are used for marketing purposes. When you like what you see, you are more likely to buy it. While there is nothing wrong with this, the show really is a marketing tool and it’s being used for publicity.


We can’t say that watching E!’s “LookBook” would be a waste of time, but it is geared towards a specific audience. If you have an interest in fashion but are not interested in the Kardashians, then you can find other LookBooks which have been created by various designers including sportswear, active wear, glamour, men’s and kids clothing and other genres. If you’re interested in creating a look book of your own, the software is available and you could put together photos or videos from our own collection.


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