E’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season Premiere Drawing Plenty of Criticism

rich kids

January 19th, 2014 is a day that will go down in infamy. It was a day that reality television took a step even further back from humanity. E’s new series ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills‘ ,which follows young 90210’ers as they party, disgrace themselves, and spend more money that some earn in a lifetime, debuted this week – and it didn’t go over well.

The series has been called the minor leagues for ‘The Real Housewives’ series, and also has been described as making the Kardashians look good. Making the Kardashians look good? Now that’s nearly impossible. I actually had the pleasure of watching some of this show and it’s nauseatingly gruesome. Roxy, Dorothy, and Morgan are three of the worst humans you will find on this earth. The irony of the title is they aren’t even kids – Dorothy is 25! But as you’d probably guess they’re still on their parents tab, and even find themselves being threatened with getting cut off from their parents (that’s Roxy).

Right now, there’s a huge buzz around this show, but it’s certainly going to be short-lived. People are watching it out of morbid curiosity, but you can only take quotes like, “I try not to smile at strangers, I don’t want to use the collagen left in my face” for so long. The entire cast of the show (there’s actually five ‘Rich Kids’) stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and got absolutely bombarded with verbal tomatoes.

Right now, there a sensation that is drawing curiosity, but if this show continues to get attention it doesn’t deserve I may have to put the Kardashians back on to regain my sanity. Now – I need to bathe my soul just because I wrote about it.

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