Estimating How Over Used Pennywise is Going to be This Halloween

Now that IT has come out in theaters and has been made into an absolute hit you know what that means for the upcoming holiday. We could easily see Pennywise becoming one of the most overused and over-modified costumes of this year’s Halloween. Or could we?  You have to admit, there’s been a lot going on this year that might spawn other costumes in equal numbers.

If you’ve been to the theater already and sat down to watch the pulse-pounding Stephen King film IT then you already know that Pennywise has been given a serious upgrade. There’s nothing to take away from the epic performance that Tim Curry put in during the 1990 TV adaptation, but the rise in special effects has given Pennywise a new look that is absolutely bone-chilling and elicits a stab of fear from those who might have believed that the fears of their childhood were all gone now that they’ve become adults.

That being said the costume that people might wear might not be as overused as anyone seems to think. As a simple clown outfit with some scary modifications it could be something you see all over town just as a means of promoting the movie during Halloween. But as an actual costume there’s a lot going on with Pennywise, especially this new version. The face paint, the hair, the eyes, and of course the numerous amount of razor-sharp teeth that seem to line the inside of his head. Even going for a simple-looking Pennywise might be kind of difficult to attempt.

Plus, with all that’s been going on this year you might see more Trump costumes with various modifications, Game of Thrones costumes, and even Stranger Things costumes. Pennywise is scary as it can get and definitely a popular figure in pop culture but when it comes to dressing up like him there is a LOT going on. The special contacts you need for his eyes would be kind of spendy, and getting the costume down just right could also get kind of expensive. There’s nothing to say that people won’t try, but as far as being overused the only reason that might happen is when American Horror Story comes out and the clown motif of that show and Pennywise tend to coincide. Otherwise it might be a popular costume but it won’t see that much play.

A lot of people are inherently afraid of clowns for one reason or another, but with the clown prank that went on in the past year and the report of clowns acting in disturbing and even violent manners it’s not exactly a good idea to don the grease paint and baggy clothes and just go walking down the street. Whether it’s because of Stephen King’s book and movie or something else entirely, which is more likely, people just don’t trust clowns. It could also have something to do with John Wayne Gacy or any number of clown movies that have been released as horror movies.

Pennywise isn’t the ONLY psychotic clown, he’s just the creepiest and the most likely to actually kill you.


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