Why The European MTV Music Awards Were Better Than The U.S Version


First and foremost, please don’t take this as American bashing. I love this country. I think everything about it is remarkable. Well, everything but the award shows, that is. You have to admit, the 2013 VMA’s for earlier this year were a train wreck. I mean, they really were. From Miley to, well, Miley, they were just awful, slow, and unfunny. Thing is, if you watched the EMA’s last night (MTV European Music Awards) you saw a much more lighthearted, silly, and fun show.

A couple things stood out:

One, the show took place in Amsterdam, so there were a lot of Amsterdam references. I will just assume a great many of you know what I mean by that, and we will move on.

Next up, we had Miley Cyrus performing, of course. Yes, her outfit was silly. Yes, she screams that she needs attention at every moment, but (GASP) her performance of Wrecking Ball was not nearly as awful or out-there is it was earlier this year for the music awards we had here. Well, minus ONE thing, but they didn’t even air that, so moving on.

Next up, performances.

I don’t need to say ANYTHING other than Eminem doing Rap God. I don’t even care if you like him or not, listening him spit his new track, Rap God live killed any notions that anyone may have that Eminem is not the best in the game. His rapid fire spitting of that song live last night was nothing if not mind blowing. Heck, Ron Burgundy awarded him his ICON award, and it ended up being both awkward and AWESOME (I love lamp reference for the win). That one performance trumped any performance from our VMA’s earlier in the year.

Last, as much as I despise LMFAO, that one dude from that band with the afro actually did an oddly entertaining bid as the host. Yes, he was childish, but you know what else he was? Entertaining, in that train wreck sort of way. Honestly, for a music awards show, it was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

There, I said it.

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