This is Every Superhero Show That Will Be on in the Next Year

There’s going to be a substantial number of superhero movies coming to television this coming year. Some will be back for another season while some will be just starting out. Pick and choose the ones you want to watch and then binge-watch the others On Demand so you don’t miss out.


More and more we’re starting to see as Bruce Wayne finally takes the needed steps towards becoming the dark knight of Gotham.

Marvel’s Inhumans

The powerful royal family is coming to the small screen in a big way as Black Bolt and Medusa must contend against a coup by Blackbolt’s brother to usurp leadership from the rightful ruler.

The Gifted

The race is on for a family whose two children are mutants. One way or another they must find a way to escape authorities and come to terms with their burgeoning powers and what they can do.


It looks like there are dark and challenging times ahead for Supergirl as she’s about to go up against some of her toughest foes this coming season.

The Flash

With plenty of action to come this season might also herald the emergence of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.


The intensity is only going to increase as Oliver Queen and his companions will have to worry over Joe Wilson, the son of Slade Wilson. Oh, and Deathstroke will likely be back as well.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Set on taking out the agents of Hydra and protecting the interests and the people of the USA and those around the globe, SHIELD is the first and last line of defense that many people don’t know about.


It’s kind of another vendetta show in the form of Batman but instead of taking on the role of a caped crusader Mari McCabe uses the power of the animal kingdom to fight crime.

The Tick

The Tick is basically a super-powered and nearly invulnerable hero that seeks to eradicate crime in his city but is somehow incredibly thick and quite vain. Still, he manages to beat his share of bad guys.


Set around 200 years before Superman’s birth, this show will display Krypton in all its glory and splendor so that viewers can see just what kind of place would spawn a superhero like Kal-El.


It’s going to be an animated feature but it should be the right venue and the right medium for the smart-talking merc with a mouth.

Cloak and Dagger

So far all that’s known is that Cloak and Dagger will somehow acquire superpowers and go on to fight crime as superheroes.

The New Warriors

A bunch of young people that develop powers decide to go out and do the “Avenger thing”. Unfortunately they’re not that good at it and will tend do more harm than good.

Black Lightning

When the main character’s daughter begins to develop strange new powers he figures it’s time to don the old costume once again become the vigilante he once was.

The Defenders

Despite the discovery that they can accomplish more as a team, the Defenders will part for a short while to figure out things on their own. Of course that will only bring them back together.

Iron Fist

There’s no guarantee at this time that Iron Fist season 2 will be out before 2019, but the series will be getting a second season for certain.

Jessica Jones 

After discovering that she and the others can’t work that well together Jessica goes back to her PI business and to her self-loathing ways.

Luke Cage

Despite being disappointed in how things turned out throughout the first run of the Defenders Luke Cage will continue to protect his home.


Back in Hell’s Kitchen Daredevil will do what he can to keep the crime rate at a reasonable level and continue to stymie the efforts of the major criminals.

Some of these will be coming soon in 2017 while others will be coming in 2018.


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