Face Off Finale Tonight!


Okay, can someone tell me why all the world does not watch Face Off? It has monsters, and aliens, and pretty girls, and nerds. It has evil clowns and frog people and human bird hybrids and slimy demons from the netherworlds. In other words, it has all the things needed to ensure great TV. On top of all that, we get to see how they come to be created, which makes it all even cooler. Anyway. Some of you may be late to the party, but tonight is the season finale of the show.

If you miss Face Off, you are missing an aspect of filmmaking you would probably otherwise never be privy to. The special effects and makeup. I will tell you, even if you think the show would bore you, it wont. There is just something so compelling about seeing how the creatures we see in film come to life, from concept to final form. You may think you know everything that goes into special effects, but this show will show you you don’t know squat. I actually have a theory about who will win tonight.

Laura Tyler should win.

Trust me, the last three contestants are all good (Tate, Laura, and Roy), but Laura’s work has just been consistent, as is her talent. Tune into the SyFy channel tonight at 9 p.m to see who takes the title for the season’s Face Off.

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