Fall TV Preview: Familiar Faces Returning to Our TVs

Over forty new shows are premiering this fall across the five regular broadcast networks. There’s a few new trends this season, like the appearance of several movie stars on TV, such as Maria Bello with Prime Suspect or Angelica Houston with Smash. Another trend is that while we may be seeing new shows, we’re seeing a lot of familiar faces once again.

Some of the stars returning to TV this season include people who haven’t really been regular TV stars for years (like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tim Allen or Rachel Bilson). Others have only been off the air for maybe a season or two. There also seem to be a few trends. At least three LOST stars are returning as regulars this season after being off the air for a little over a year. Three stars from That ’70’s Show will also be returning to television after being on a short hiatus.

We’ve scoured the cast lists of new shows to bring you our list of familiar faces that you may be happy to see again in the 2011-2012 season. If we missed anyone, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Click the arrows above to take a look through our list.

  • Kelly

    You left out Parminder Nagra. She's returning to TV for this show also, last seen as a regular on ER a couple of years back.

    • http://Www.twitter.com/clarissa373 Clarissa

      In Alcatraz, right? Thanks for the heads-up! It was crazy trying to figure out every single person who hasn't been on the air for a while.

  • Nikki

    Jason Dohring – from Veronica Mars to Ringer.

    • http://Www.twitter.com/clarissa373 Clarissa

      I was thinking about including Dohring, but I was focusing on regular cast members. I know he'll be a recurring star on Ringer, but I'm not sure yet how many episodes he'll be in. However, you're right about him being off the air for a while.

  • Cherie Price

    WHY is the return of or demise of MEMPHIS BEAT being held under lock and key that vies Fort Knox? Either they're filming or they're not but NO one will come forth with this fabulous show's fate. Every other program I can think of is getting publicity months before airing. It takes months of pre-production before hitting our home screens. WHAT IS GOING ON? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Melody

    WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!! Wait a minute. As I understand it, Anthony Head will be doing double duty on both Merlin and Free Agents, what is this "had" business?

    • http://Www.twitter.com/clarissa373 Clarissa

      Well, that'll teach me to rely on IMDB, Melody. It's lists the final episode as December 2010 for Anthony Head and doesn't make any mention of a 2011 return. So I did some digging and, as it turns out, you're right. Sorry about the confusion. Next time I'll confirm with Wikipedia as well ;)

      • Melody

        Wow, thanks for the quick reply and thanks for double checking. I know that Merlin has been renewed up through season 5 (or series as the Brits refer to them) and only 3 have aired. I appreciate your diligence.

  • http://Www.twitter.com/clarissa373 Clarissa

    No problem! Sorry about freaking you out before :)

  • Melody

    Now I'm going to really sound like a pain, but just a friendly reminder about Jorge Garcia's run on Becker. He's always a delight to watch and was quite funny on that show.

  • George

    Leslie Hope was also a regular on Rod Rurie shortlived Complex Crime Drama "Line Of Fire" on ABC.

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