The Most Famous Guest Stars to Ever Appear on Friends

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Next month will mark the 10 year anniversary that Friends aired its final episode. Over its ten year and 236 episode run, Friends welcomed many famous people to Central Perk. Do you remember Julia Roberts playing Susie Underpants? Or how about Freddie Prinze Jr. as Emma’s manny?  Here are a list of some of the more memorable appearances from each season. Since there have been so many stars to make an appearance on the comedy, the top 3 from each season are included.

Season 1:

George Clooney and Noah Wyle – Friends was not the only popular show on NBC to debut in 1994. ER was another smash hit for the peacock channel. Clooney and Wylie played doctors on “The One With Two Parts: Part 1” and “The One With Two Parts: Part 2.” They go on a double date with Monica and Rachel, who try to hide the fact they have switched identities to cover up Rachel not having health insurance.

Leah Remini – Remini played a bit part on the episode, “The One With the Birth.” While Carol was in labor with Ross’ son, Joey met Lydia (Remini) a single woman who is also having a baby. The two connect over basketball, but in the end Lydia’s boyfriend shows up and Joey leaves her room upset.

Hank Azaria – Azaria made five appearance on Friends as Phoebe’s love interest David. The first time we meet the scientist is in the episode, “The One With the Monkey.” David must break up with Phoebe on New Year’s Eve as he was just given the chance to do a scientific study in Minsk.

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