Feds Cracking Down on Film & TV Piracy Online

The LA Times reported today that the federal government has shut down a number of sites that featured films and television shows for illegal download and/or stream as part of their renewed effort to curb piracy online.

ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) chief John Morton trumpeted the bust as the beginning of a “long-term effort to turn the tables on these thieves.”

It looks like this may be the beginning of a concerted effort to shut down illegal sites all over the internet.

Federal authorities announced that they had seized domain names from nine websites engaged in the “criminal theft of American movies and television.” The websites include TVShack.net, PlanetMoviez.com, ThePirateCity.org and Ninjavideo.net. Combined, the sites drew 6.7 million visitors a month, authorities said.

Officials also seized assets from 15 bank, investment and advertising accounts and executed residential search warrants in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Washington, according to a statement from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which coordinated its investigation with the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.

The crackdown, which involved 100 agents working in 11 states and the Netherlands, was part of a renewed campaign dubbed Operation in Our Sites by federal authorities to curb Internet counterfeiting and piracy. The announcement comes a week after the Obama administration unveiled a detailed plan on how to tackle global piracy, including targeting illegal websites.

If you are one of the millions who used these sites, what will you do now? Find new sites? Curb your streaming/downloading? Stop altogether? Sound off in the comments or join the discussion in our forum!

  • CC

    damn, ninjavideo was one of those sites that had everything (not that i used them…) oh well. they're a dime a dozen.

  • Sob

    I'm gonna miss ninjavideo. What the hell. I guess we're screwed?

  • guest

    one site goes down , 20 go up in its place, its no problem people will just find other sites to watch whatever they want to watch, there is money to be made in that sort of stuff, its not like you cut the head and the body dies, in this case you cut the head and two heads grow out of the body.its stupid really all this studios should realized they have their ferrari's and hollywood mansion's thanks to the people and then they go and attack that same people, it can't be stopped, people will always find a way to do what they want to do.

  • Underworldnoir

    So how is the government seizing their assets going to stop pirating? I don't get this place sometimes…I personally love ninjavideo, smoke tons of grass and hate the government. Now what…

  • Jamesgt29906

    And while the feds are busy busting the victim-less crimes there are, at any given moment 30 serial killers and over 100 rapists out there walking around our children. Way to prioritize.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506611405 facebook-506611405

    The movies I can understand, but why the war against the TV sites? There is no DRM in place on OTA broadcasts, so where is the DMCA infringement happening?

  • Nemesis9765

    I'd like to see the statistics behind these claims that they loose millions and it hurts the US economy that these people are quoting from, because the question here is, would producers really be loosing money if the consumer who pirated it had no intention of buying it to begin with? Could it also be said that because of piracy, it actually increased their sales through exposure of their product by other forms of media? People that pirate are made to seem like the bad guys here when the real bad guys are the money mongering music and movie industries who have lied to the politicians, and lied to the public to turn them against each other.

  • last ninja standing

    And the wonder why no one respects the government or police… its cos they do dumb @ss things like this… ninjavideo and those other sites weren't harming anyone… those studios and TV companies are a rip off, producing substandard and rehashed material, paying millions to A list stars for 5 minutes work. I will still find what I want to watch online for free and no one will stop me!Long live ningavideo.net

  • Luckyone5525

    Here's my problem: I watched videos on ninjavideo, but I never saved them. I also like to watch a particular British TV show (Doctor Who) which I can't find on Hulu or any other site. I understand that they don't want people to pirate movies and TV shows and things, but sometimes it is without of our reach to watch what we want (since I live in the USA and can't afford cable, and theaters are charging about $10 for a movie you can't fast-forward, pause, or mute and there's no guarantee that you'll like it). I doubt I am the only one in this situation.

  • nekyo

    of course, you have to take into account the ridiculous amount of money it takes for these financial risks.. really, it seems so unfair that people go and effectively play in front of a camera for *maybe* a few months of the year (granted, it is hard work, it must be or we'd all be doing it..) get such a ludicrously large amount of money, but those of us who break our backs on the daily get paid piddly-squat. I've watched a few things pirated here and there, but you know what? if I really like a movie, I want to see all the extras and specials that you can only see if you buy it, and so, I do…. ah, maybe I don't have so much of a point as I am just irritated at this. Honestly, if people really enjoy something they watch, they either then go out and buy it, or wait for it to hit the $5 (or less) bin….

  • Saitek

    well there,s always movie2k.com justin.tv ovguide.com SOFT-BEST.NET zerosec.ws to fill youe needs although i would never go there

  • http://speculativevision.com Brad Richardson

    I am not going to condone piracy but with studios putting out absolute dreck like the unwatchable Jonah Hex I don't have much sympathy for their endless whining about losing money to pirates. If you want to stop piracy the first step is to make good movies.

  • Sum420body

    these movies are still making millions and millions of dollars in profit. to defend these companies and to go as far to have the fbi spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to investigate something like this is borderline insane. too all you fools who are defending the govt u need to open your eyes and stop bending over for big brother…

  • Lilredivie

    movies that i thought was worth paying the price of tickets, rude people, smells, crowding… avatar!! dark knight… star wars… lord of the rings… and a few other ones

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/CAODXSFMLUE3P5UGPL4BD2ECZI Justin

    This is total garbage. What a waste of time by a government who has failing wall street CEO's pulling in millions of dollars in bonuses alone, two phony wars that cost millions a day to run and an oil leak that has ruined the Gulf of Mexico, so out of all those important issues they "take down" online "pirates" who provide a truly great service to the middle class. I have canceled my Netfilx, HBO/Showtime/Starz, and my local movie theaters subscription. I love my shows, but not at the cost of knowing that I am only "allowed" by the government to watch them that way. If they were so worried about losing money, well now they officially lost my business and I hope others follow.

  • Blackband

    RIP Ninjavideo. You will be greatly missed, I *sniffle* loved you..

  • stndspec

    The current financial model is being threatened, but the future is places like ninjavideo regardless of these sorts of crackdowns. There is simply no stopping what there is growing demand for, especially when what is being obtained from these sites is like (guessing here) 99% tv shows aired on open networks that no one has to pay to view anyway – tivo'ing became a common word b/c people are already skipping the commercials and DVRing shows anyway. Ninja and friends turn the net into a giant dvr, with infinite space and all shows on demand no matter how old or new. I can understand HBO being upset if non-subscribers are watching True Blood like this, or all the dvd screeners leaking of new theatrical releases – however, often as not people who see new releases like this are settling for low-quality resolutions, bad color, and worse sound. I know lots like me who skip these to see them in theaters or when a dvd finally makes an appearance. It's not likely taking $ from those productions. Crappy productions are the biggest reason hollywood is failing, but the industry will try killing these awesomely useful sites regardless. That being said, new sites will appear, new technologies, the demand is not just still there but growing exponentially – so what will come of this will not be a future of all-consuming piracy destroying creative outlets – but rather a new business model adapted to the times and most importantly the actual demands of the consumers who attention is being fought for.

  • meguy

    Any good work of art is produced with the intention of art in itself. Now to charge money on art and restrict the viewing of one's art and appreciation for it with the intention of making money takes the focus away from the art. Any good artist should choose the spreading of their work over the making of money. Besides the fight against piracy has been a losing battle for years since napster, and with torrents avaliable just makes this an inconvience to many people. Companies should just take a new approach and innovate to collaborate with this new trend, cause this fight is a futile attempt.

  • Birdnboy

    here here I don't own a tv and have not for 15 years I rarely go to movies . I do buy disks of the movies and tv I like but if all the sights end up being like Hulu and only showing recent episodes then I cant start at the beginning to see if I like a show . Plus hulu is starting its paid sight soon , really I have to pay to see things that air for free on the old tech ( TV ) with commercials since the old Hollywood execs cant figure out a way to utilize the new tech . Well I guess its summer and nice out so the wife and I will be enjoying a lot more nightly walks and fires for a few months , back to books and library dvd's . That's right free from the library ( gotta love those socialist programs ) . By the way I was an industry tech for over twenty years and contrary to what the execs say its less affordable as a career not because of easier access but because of their inability to re-market for a new age and because of their attacks on the unions in the interest of fatter checks for producers directors and top talent

  • Birdnboy

    $10 dollars for A movie you must not live in san diego its almost $15 most places here

  • Worry-later

    Maaaaaaaaaaaan. Can't believe it. After all these years, you wake up one day and ninjavideo is gone.Im in shock.Fk u internet police. Like someone down there said. I too am from australia and all the shows i wana watch ARE NOT AVAILABLE on tv here. SO WTF ARE WE TO DO?????????Been going to ninjavideo for lord knows how long. Gona miss it badly.No other site was thateasy to surf around on and fin what our looking for!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Stewart/1643117624 Jason Stewart

    as another posted on another thread what the movie companies need to do is not go after pirate sites but take it as they do with any compitition and compete offer these folks a reason to pay them not attack them i mean like offer $3 streaming of movies most of us dont have the time to go to a theater and spend $12 for a ticket to sit next to crying babies and jackasses who scream at the screen and wait 6 months for them to hit DVD to really see them i mean when you can get them for free from the comfort of your couch why pay?

  • Holy_advocate

    They arent actually allowed to do half the things they do. By federal law, linking to illegal sites is perfectly legal. Also, many of the sties they are "shutting down" arent even on US soil, as it were. The US is a greedy criminal, the law is a tool used to feed bad people.

  • fruittttttttttyyy

    lol r u people dumb do u realize tvshack re-surfaced an HOUR later? What do you think these honkeys can do to keep them off the web? NOTHINGG! Now, I have to go watch Person's Unknown, DIVX of course.

  • Criminal

    That may be so. It is true that the film and music industry suffers terrible losses due to online piracy. Millions, if not billions are lost in this way. But honestly, is Britney Spears living out of a cardboard box in an alley? Or is Lindsay Lohan hooking around the street corner to feed herself? You can't honestly say they deserve more than they already have. If anything, they deserve so much less. Even so, 2 wrongs don't make a right. I believe that piracy should be curtailed but as the last item on a long, long list that the government has yet to address.

  • desertrocks

    Victimless isn't true at all. I love piracy. I hope it never stops but there are victims to these crimes. Its not the A List celebs or Musicians. They wont take any substantial losses in the wallet. Its the people behind the scene that are effected the most. The companies that make the dvds is a good example. Without demand they suffer. Why do you think Blockbuster is tanking? I think invading what we have access to on the internet is a bit over the top. These film companies need to start making material that is only truly enjoyed in theaters. All the companies that are pushing 3d are on the right track. No matter what, us pirates will always get what we are looking for… shutting down a handful of websites will only force pirates to find other means of getting the content they are looking for… and it will be found. They need to make a truly unique way of viewing their content. I think this may be the beginning of the end for conventional television as we know it.

  • shannon

    While the stars like Britney and Lindsay, in my opinion, are way overpaid (honestly, it's a job that millions would love to do for much less money, so I don't get why they end up making so much), keep in mind that a production takes a lot of people. For every movie and tv show you see, you are watching the joint effort of writers, directors, producers, camera operators, lighting directors, foley artists, set designers, costume designers, etc. Money lost to the industry hurts all of these people, not just the movie stars.

  • Paradoxbox13

    RIP Ninja video ty for entertaining me and working hard at making people's lives a lil easier after a hard day/nites work to the admins if they let rapist out with in two years of prison then i wouldnt worry except oh ya our goverment does lame scare tatics and diversion techniques heil to the death of democracy

  • guest1

    If I watch the movie and tell a friend it is awesome and he should see it…and he pays money to go see it…then the film just made a sale that may not have happened otherwise. I think that the film makers want as many people to see and talk about their films as much as possible. And Im not telling you where I get my entertainment now you will just shut it down.

  • nix

    What a pile of crap. Firstly no one ever watches video recorded movies they are absolutely terrible so the market to go see a movie whilst still at the movie theater is still very much there. The only things people readily watch pirated is T.V shows, in my case (and i am sure many others) shows that don't get aired in my country.These also get most of their money from advertising. People still buy the dvd's aswell for presents it's very common I pirate basically everything and i am always happy when i get the usual 5 dvd's for Christmas. The business is not going to die out in a hurry and perhaps the only penalty video piracy is having is taking a few million away from a man/lady with 100million+bank account and assets.

  • Jameesbell

    Honestly does anyone really believe that the institution of movie making is being effected by someone watching programs on TV shack. Everyone should give their heads a shake. Most real actors, or actress are making millions of dollars a year. Not to mention the film makers. I do not believe i have heard of any of them going bankrupt. We say as a society that it is stealing, but when apart of the government, ( politicians ) mess up they make laws to protect them selves. The Bush administration, who believes it is okay for us to torture but not the other guys, the man in Canada who got caught stealing a twenty thousand dollar ring for his boyfriend, and was let of by the judge. When will people pull their heads out of the cloud and see the truth of what is happening, i will tell you when. When it;s to late and we have a new world order and everything is decided for us. We will have no rights then. Enjoy what we have left. Now we have to go and buy Family guy, i do not think so. If any one believes that the movie industry is going to go down their on drugs. The place is packed every time i go.

  • Angelus

    Your wrong, there stats are off , they still break records for opening night sales all the time , the internet is and piracy tends to provide for a market that would otherwise not spend the overly priced amount to go see a film for example.

  • Ninja

    I feel like I lost a part of me. Ninjavideo come back PLEASE! We need you! SO angry.

  • Anthonyrichards

    I used to use NinjaVideo to watch television programmes and documentaries. I live in the UK and many of the programmes that were available on Ninja are not available not matter what cable/satellite subscription you may have. Also, streaming sites are convenient as I can watch when and where ever I like. This is all about advertising revenue. I appreciate that the makers of this programming are losing money. But they more than anybody are capable of producing sites that perform the same task as the likes of Ninja. Ninja had ads too and were making money. There is Hulu that also streams TV content, but is regionalized so cannot be viewed outside the USA. There are the official tv streaming sites like iplayer, 4od etc that don't have the quality of the unofficial streaming sites. If a program is available I will watch it on satellite. I have a TV license that i pay for and a subscription to sky. But most of it is beyond my reach. So that's why I stream. SO TO THE STUDIO OFFICIALS OUT THERE. OFFER ME THE SAME SERVICE AND WILL USE IT. YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN IF A THIRD PARTY FILLS GAPING VOID THAT YOU LEAVE WIDE OPEN. THIS IS WHAT YOUR FANS WANT. LOOK AT THE VAST NUMBERS USING THESE SITES, AND THE VASTS SUMS OF MONEY THEY ARE MAKING. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!

  • osama bin laden

    The american feds are just pissed off because they cant find bin laden so they take it out on websites like ninjavideo. Why doesnt the feds spend their time and money finding terrorists?

  • Jeff

    this is so lame i think it's despicable i should be forced to pay for a tvshow which already earned millions on the tube. i should be allowed to watch any episode of any tv show if that has already aired. I think films should be protected but i dont want to be gouged 30 bucks or more for a season that was free to watch but i missed for some reason.

  • p'od

    Why dont these useless aholes stay away from our entertainment and go do something actually important like stopping child porno sites and stuff with an victim instead of a millionaire who has too downgrade his luxury jet because of piracy. I hate the government for this especially considering most of these websites were operating within the law and most werent based in the US. but who gives a flying F*** about the law when rich people are whinning.

  • BringOnTheTrumpets!

    Those big wigs don't take notice of us as consumers of their content. They only produce television shows as a mechanism to force advertising on us. Were are just ratings state to them. I don't think the studio officials out there are interested in anything more than there balance sheets. I don't begrudge them making a profit. But they seem to have forgotten one of the most fundamental rules of good business; 'The customer is always right'. Update your business models to match the requirements of modern consumers. High quality, on demand, all inclusive content is what we want, so let us have it. We don't care who runs the sites. Hulu has been mentioned by several people, but who wants to pay to see limited programming that was available free to air, and be forced to watch adverts on top of that. Plus is only available in a handful of territories. Like you said if the likes of Ninja video can make money doing it, why can't the studios. I hope they get a clue, because the first to offer what Ninja video did legally stands to make an absolute fortune, much in the way that Apple did, and continues to do with the ipod and itunes.



  • facebooksex

    I'm so pissed off right now, the *@#&'in feds shut down all my favorite sites.

  • Dodytoka

    The fact of the matter is that the government is spread to thin to consider the potential political and sociological ramifications of destroying the freedom of culture in this country. This country will find itself in a bit of a pickle, when they realize that word of mouth is the number one proponent of DVD and Television viewership and they stripped the one means of mass public distribution from the common people that actually make these industries profitable. The fact remains that while the studios and talent are wealthy, they've gotten there by keeping control over their particular market segments, without realizing the market segments are formed through piracy. I can honestly say that if I download a game, and I play it, and I like it, I will go buy it. However this option is not feasible for the way I watch television, I like to see every episode, in order and on my time table not some corporate weasels who is trying to organize the programming to net more advertising revenues… Advertising isn't the issue, it's availability, by allowing me to see every episode of a show up to the current one, with or without commercials, I'm more likely to watch the show live or on your website as it comes up. The problem is over regulation and assuming rights over common American culture should even exist. Ninjavideo provided a service, which was surely grossing insufficient revenues to support it's upkeep. They aren't hurting people they're providing them with a solution to a problem, and footing the bill(and in America the risk) out of their own pocket, to make peoples lives more enjoyable. It's the same argument you can pose for marijuana legislation in America and it's negative impacts, it comes down to the fact you're putting people who don't want to impose anything on anyone, in prison, for a crime that has minimal effect on other people, even though it can enhance their life exponentially. I do recall the pursuit of happiness being in the declaration of independence, what happened there? These companies that push these issue may see lower returns, but only because they're already invested in the infrastructure to perform their end of the service in a less accessible way, or fail to see the real market potential these services can provide. For instance, if I have cable and I pay 100$ a month to get a HD DVR and then spend the 600$ on a TV to make it worth it, I'm not logically capable of justifying that expense to not have to watch a couple of commercials. If you put it online and make me watch commercials, I can use my currently running computer with my almost HD screen and do just as well… for nothing on my end. The company still generates the ad revenues they would if I watched it on the network live, and I don't have to foot a huge bill. Even as I sit here I look at an ad for Fringe on this very site, the number 44 site on alexa is IMDB, and Todou is 69th. This shows you that people are interested in the product by the sheer fact that there are more video hosting sites that can't control the flow of pirated content on their sites than there are TV network sites that host non-current-event related content. This should show you WHY people have the internet if the fact that a 25mbit line is common in a residential setting isn't enough… Personally I think lobbyist and the complacency of the nation to the inner workings of our government and the way legislation is being passed in bulk under misleading pretenses by corporate yes me we vote into office. Providing big business a way to ruin it's citizens and client bases free time because it might shave a penny off every 100$ bill they net, is an outrageous mismanagement of government time and resources. It's the same thing as marijuana they just don't realize how much technological, economical and sociological progress could be made from it due to conservative, archaic and purchased views of the economic top 1% of the country. And that's my rant, RIP Ninjavideo and the other sites you will be missed and you paved the way for progress regardless of the end result.

  • Geerdes

    there are still people looking for serial killers and rapists. these are not the feds that do that, these would be desk jockeys, more on the legal/legislative side. I dont really care, more site will pop up, prolly of diminished quality. you have to admit that a ton of ,money is being lot by these sites hosting free content. I dont mind commercial breaks, we just need to get more site like hulu that have premium content

  • Ninja

    I have already found a new site and i will continue doing what i did at ninja. It sucks our webmaster will be doing about 3 years in jail but she's brought many many hours of joy to millions of viewers. Certainly we (the collective millions) watched more than three years of content. But was it worth it?

  • Kwaku1331

    How about paying the "Stars" of these movies less, not working with ridiculously priced directors, writers etc, when there are many out there with just as much talent willing to work for a reasonable wage? This industry is a perfect example of an over inflated fat pig that can't keep up with the times. They are uncreative and run by old school fat cats which is why it will fail. Funny how the banks, wall street, ford, chevy etc. all have the same issues. Lazy executives and over paid labor. Movie industry, Radio, TV, Chevy, Ford…guess what else they all have in common? UNIONS, overpriced lazy bullies that have their hands in your senators pockets, there is no longer slave labor or sweat shops in America so the union is another way for people to make more money than what they are worth. You want to complain about taxes and the government taking your money, well guess what, all those contract jobs issued by your local government are to UNIONS who charge double to do the work in twice the time and half the quality (in most cases). This country is on a downfall and it is because it is run by crooked lazy old men who have their money and don't care that it is on the breaking backs of the middle class. Until some fresh thinking gets into office the country will continue to fall, unfortunately my suggestion at this point is to start learning Chinese and Russian because one of those two will be running this country. We have no infrastructure to protect or support ourselves, but instead of putting together a coalition to fix that Obama wants to fight piracy…HAHA. The great savior all you socialist fools wanted…you got him and now look, enjoy your free healthcare and never ending support while you have 80 kids and not work, enjoy it for the short time it lasts until this country is on it's knees being kicked in the ribs by China….such a joke how many people can't see that this once great nation has become a victim of it's own laziness and no one seems to care.

  • Abhorsen26

    I will search out other sites to get my pro grammes from. I agree that piracy is not a victimless crime but the industry needs to move with the times more and offer more things on the Internet, especially outside the US. I do no pirate on principle, if there is a legal way to get my programing then I will do so ( I mostly watch TV shows) and I will put up with the advertising that they want to put on it. If however there is just not anyway for me to view it then I will go and stream it.

  • Leachpunk

    Pirated from the brits? ……………………………………………American History 101

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.hickey Edward Hickey

    I work almost 60 hours a week to feed my two kids. After paying my bills I got maybe 300 bucks left, basic cable is my only option. Here in Canada I can't get Hulu and a good number of movies don't come to my theater. As for online movies hurting the movie business I doubt that, I've seen Wolverine & Ironman 2 online early and still went and seen them both twice at the theater & the Drive-in. After watching TV series on Ninja like Bones, House, V, Two & half men and Doctor Who I decided to buy the DVDs and trust me I never use to follow many series as work always got in the way before. If Cable wants my money they need to improve with lower prices and get an On Demand system like TMN has, some TV shows are only played one or twice usually only on the same night thats no way to help people who work nights. Ninja Video helps both TV & movie industries make money and got me to watch allot series I never would have bothered to follow before, everybody wins. Long live Ninja Video!

  • stu

    This is untrue, although yes it is clearly not victimless, piracy is a convenient distraction for multi-billion dollar movie corporations who don't pay the hard workers in the industry enough. It is not victimless, but it might as well be as these so called ''victims'' are millionaire actors themselves, i personally believe that maybe the big money corporations should pay actors less anyway, to stop piracy from affecting the 'little guy'' so to speak – but i respect your point.

  • Treebabyblues

    How ignorant are you? Do you understand ALL the people that it takes to make a TV show? Take your pick… Shall we get rid of the janitors, the custodians, the electricians, the boom operators, the producers, the people that are extras for the show? When you pirate, you affect more than just the producers. You affect everyone. How would you like to INVEST your life savings plus money you've borrowed against your house into a movie project, like around $250,000, then see everyone bootlegging copies of it and you only get a return on YOUR investment of about $100,000 because bills had to be paid to everyone involved with the show like laundry, dry cleaning, car rental for some scenes, electricity, etc. You'd be a bit pissed off too.

  • Guest

    I will no longer watch programs produced by those not willing to allow said so-called "pirated" products to be distributed by more efficient, available, economic means, i.e, internet and p2p. How do you pirate something that is already coming to you? How do you steal something that is basically yours?

  • Treebabyblues

    The money that comes in from a movie does not all go to the Producers/Directors/Actors… It goes to the movie theaters, and ALL THE LITTLE BILLS that are associated with making the movie like the PR firm who comes up with the promotion material and lines up junkets..

  • irish caucasian sout

    why dont u stpid yanks get your congressmen to send the feds and the fda back to where they belong in washington dc The feds are a crooked empire built up by edgar hoover and the fda was built up by arailway cop called harry anslinger who fronted for agang of theives who arranged the banning of hemp you could smoke a reefer made of hemp the size of a lamppost and allyou would get is lung cancer but not high henry Ford built a car out of hemp but he chickened out when he learned who were supporting Anslinger

  • Squagg333

    Don't worry folks! I have a feeling they can't keep a ninja down for long….!

  • dontbuyrecords

    how bout we get rid of the guys at the top making a 6 or 7 figure salary for no reason. they're leaches and they're there to suck as much money out of the system and into their pockets as possible and I'm sorry I don't want them sucking any of my money.

  • haveagoodday

    could it be a way to divert peoples attention from say…a little spill thats going on???

  • just sayin'

    Actually, the theaters make no money on the movies, in fact i believe they lose a bit. what they make money on is the overpriced popcorn, drinks, etc. I mean have you noticed that you spend $20 for a bag of popcorn and two drinks? that would cost you what, like $5 at home?

  • Albertogrady

    Not really, now people have no entertainment to watch. If anything they have more free time to ponder the oil spill.Maybe that was their intention. To make people focus less on movies and more on the oil spill. Makes perfect sense if they want us all to feel bad and volunteer for their coming carbon taxes, and higher oil prices.


    hey dumbass. i'm in TV and i do know what it takes to make a show. and i also know that half of those people are overpaid and untalented at what they do. those that are talented, such as the production artists and technicians, get paid whether or not the movie is pirated. so when a feature film gets leaked and the total theater viewership drops, guess who's NOT financially affected…the janitors, custodians, electricians, etc. even the extras for the shows get paid before the movie ever hits the screens. the only people losing out on piracy are the executives who sit on their ass and laugh all the way to the bank anyways. and the only people taking cuts from dvd sales and box office numbers are the people who have been raping the entertainment business for decades.so next time, do your research or speak to someone in the know before you expose the world to more of your idiocy.

  • X3n0

    1. Michael Bay: $125 million2. Steven Spielberg: $85 million3. Roland Emmerich: $70 million4. James Cameron: $50 million5. Todd Phillips: $44 million6. Daniel Radcliffe: $41 million7. Ben Stiller: $40 million8. Tom Hanks: $36 million9. JJ Abrams: $36 million10. Jerry Bruckheimer: $35.5 million11. Tyler Perry: $32.5 million12. Adam Sandler: $31.5 million13. Denzel Washington: $31 million14. Emma Watson: $30 million15. Rupert Grint: $30 million16. Owen Wilson: $29 million17. Nicolas Cage: $28 million18. Russell Crowe: $28 million19. Cameron Diaz: $27 million20. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard: $25.5 millionThat's what they make/made in a year. That's $880 500 000. You think taking 20% of that would kill the actors? Would they starve out? Can't get a sandwich in hollywood for less than 1 000 000? You could even cut 50% from each of those budgets and it'd be enough to feed the third world for a year. Paying professional divas this much to entertain us is the problem, not anything to do with piracy.

  • just a guest

    Ninja was one of my favorite places in the world. It doesn't make me look very good as a person to be attached to a website but what the hell, I was… Ninja I miss you!!!

  • irishlady

    I agree – I live in Ireland and used these sites as you did – to wath shows you could not get here. and will not get here or have to wait for months for them to come on some channel maybe at midnight,movies are never good quaility. I am a UPC customer and we still don't have half of what is available yet. I am disapointed, I wanted to check out Flash Forward.Boo hoo to all those who are rich in the name of entertainment.

  • Jason

    Movie theathers don't make much off playing the movies. The make bank off the concession.

  • klj

    I thought ninjavideo would stay around for a long time…it was such a good site. I feel lost without it.

  • Jason

    With all the media that is produced, nobody can afford watch or hear it all. Some people will pirate everything, others will just what they can't afford. People will still budget to go to the movies, or see their favorite band in concert. Or how about this just buy everything used, the industry will never see a dime from your purchase. This is just big government helping the rich stay rich, and make the poor poorer. Isn't the popularity of piracy the free market saying enough is enough. People have more time than money. Who can afford to watch 100s to 1000s of movies, or listen to 100s to 1000s of cd's, ? So they just go after us because we can't afford to enjoy what has been made.

  • Jason

    So what can we do when the government is becoming a police state, and they don't listen to the people that have voted them in? Thats why I have turned libertarian, they seem to be the only party that is doing so. I agree with what Beanyfish03 said, its been around and they keep making more, piracy hasn't hurt the industry, if it did they wouldn't be making more and setting new records.

  • R Von Massow

    In these times, where the costs of a movie is a metric for quality instead of a good story AND production, it's not even worth pirating movies. Pirating TV shows in my opinion is not possible. The broadcasters simply fail to provide good quality downloads (maybe with commercials included or maybe even not) themselves.I don't like the series, but take southpark for example. It's possible to watch it in acceptable quality online without pirating it. I'm sure they know what they are doing there, so they can't lose to much money by that. The society demands full quality downloads nowadays. Back in the time it was the good old VHS recorder that enabled us to use some kind of "videao on demand". The system was outdated so it got replaced by online services.

  • Scrappy

    So the movie and tv companies loose a little bit of money – maybe if they didn't pay millions for an actor to star in a production and they where really up against it I would have some sympathy but guess what I dont !I dont go to the cimema as I cant afford it, I cant afford such as sky tv, I am socialy excluded thus when folk talk about movies and tv shows that you cant watch on terrestrial tv. Fark I;m so poor I dont even pay for the internet as I have cracked the security on about 6-7 networks around me – I also dont need to worry about getting busted for doenloading one or more of the neighbours can take the fall for that ha ha ha

  • alex

    they make money thats for sure. they only like to steal even more by overcharging you on the popcorn

  • alex

    i f*cking agree f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck sh*t f*ck f*ck sh*t and more unnecesary cussing

  • Pilpixiewingsond

    **we pirated this damn land from the brits and that makes us great?**Actually the land was pirated from the Native Americans…

  • ThePoorMan

    Wow, Exactly what I was going to say just a little more eloquently phrased. New innovative ways are going to have to be pursued to keep up with the demand. This business with MGM and pirating crackdowns is being counterproductive and will ultimately be the instrument that cuts their own throat. Very well said stndspec.

  • ThePoorMan

    I Know, It gives you a sense of hopelessness. The people don't care because they are comfortable. They don't realize that they will feel the pinch on their balls too, but it will be too late by then. You're absolutely right about China. I don't think that Zeitgeist even mentions anything about how China owns us. Its like…..DUH!!!

  • Bambam

    WAKE UP! I wouldnt watch pirated shows if you would stop forcing 20 minutes of viagra commercials in my face for every hour of tv I watch!! Its hollywood greed that has forced piracy!

  • Poop

    I want answers dammit!

  • iliveonwelfare

    LOL, poor treebaby… how much you have to learn about the world… Try worrying about he people who are actually in poverty before u go defending movie companies, k thanks

  • Atheos

    Shutting down ninjavideo did very little in the grand scheme of things. I use ninja as an example because ninjavideo to DIRECT ME TO LINKS. That's all it was. You can find those links (or equivalent links) if you use the same sources that they did. It was merely a convenient access hub and a community that enjoyed the company of other people with similar interests. I miss the community more than anything…

  • Anonymust

    torrents, baby

  • Jwbyrd06

    what would help is cutting the actors pay in half what they do is not worth what they get paid

  • http://twitter.com/victorcortez Victor Cortez

    ICE ICE baby to go to go… How 'bout John Morton and I.C.E. go do their real job and secure our borders!

  • chruis

    Any industry that can pay that fat kid from 2.5 men 250,000 an episode can handle a few pirated replay episodes.

  • asd

    the feds can go and fuk themselves ..god bless pirates ..and the tons of websites like ninjavideo….free speach …"Vive la liberté"

  • Tattykassy

    Correct me if I am wrong, but don't the good movies pull in hundreds of millions of dollars within the first week?? Don't some of these actors make MILLIONS of dollars while doctors are still struggling to pay off their schooling debts??They make PLENTY of money. What I see is that there is a problem with the entertainment industry as a whole, by having a vast majority of their audience say "Hey, I can barely make rent, I don't think I can spend $40 to go see a movie with my friend." Are they to be denied entertainment??? Only the rich can watch movies??I think there is a problem in the industry all right, they are TOO greedy and make too much money for their own good. They no longer care about making a quality film as much as they care about lining their pockets and paying off their shareholders.The same problem is happening in all areas of industry, mind you, health care, food, taxes, government. We have an epidemic, and it is not us watching movies for free on the internet we PAY for.

  • guest

    What we're witnessing here is a mere paradigm shift. In this case, the ones complaining are also the ones embedded in the paradigm itself!

  • Me

    Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but as long as the world wide web exist, then so will piracy. When you buy something in this free world, its up to you whether you want to share or not. whether it be a pair of jeans, a soda, or a cd or movie. Thanks to net neutrality and the fact that were not living in "The Matrix", we can share whatever we wish. wich brings me to my point. The only real point everyone has to undenyably look at ~"whatever you create and put out there, be willing to let the world see"~ personally if i was in the film industry, i wouldnt giva two flying f's who watched it or how. but come on, we the people created the net and world wide web, we the people created cameras, and divx, and xvid. we the people also created filesharing programs and websites like: limewire, kazza, frostwire, bearshare, mp3rocket, torrents, websites like watchnewfilms. com, and divxmoviezonline. com, and websites like ifile. it . and well create more. we the people are undenyably uncontrollable. we create we share, were connected. and theres not a da.. thing any party can do about it. i know sux to be an actress this day and age but think, theyre rocking gucci and getting publicity. its not illegal to watch, it is illegal copy the copyrighted content and then proceed to upload it. but thats not going to stop pple from doing it. people will just become more savvy as things evolve. so boo fu….. hoo lmao

  • Dom

    Let's cut Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich. That's $195m

  • Justin

    You know what I was just reading all your comments an make no mistake I am you know not the one to know it all or nothing but i was looking over this and i can find an easy solution the actors making a rediculous amount of money for putting on a happy face living in the 10 story mansions doing a simple thing that requires nothing but a lil bit of make up lights and "action" need pay cut I mean seriously omg you guys cut my payroll to 5 million dollars a day from 20 like i mean i know they seem to be awfully spoiled but honestly you have to admit they are still making damn good money for their jobs the american dream is to be able to have all your really true wants to be fuffilled a home and a family why do you need 10,000 dollar lamps like rofl what the hell just do some pay cuts if they arn't making that much money with all the technology these days theres no possible way to stop it all its just not going to happen sorry but the truth is painfull and the stuck up million actors/actresses are going to have to just deal with it

  • Samlewus

    this is just outright gospel truth. thank god someone said it.

  • Andrewisback

    The internet was born out of free sharing of data, the first ever website ‘Info.cern.ch’ ran by CERN was created to show how people could create their own website. The leaders of the WWW project understood the potential of the internet, and knew freedom was the basic principle to ensuring its rise to the super highway it is now. Although today the internet has strayed from these noble beginnings the basic principle holds true. I’m sure you all know of Google’s war with China over censorship, the US company received the complete support of the government ‘Robert Gibbs, Mr Obama's press secretary, emphasised that the President backed internet freedom and said that Google had co-ordinated with the Obama administration before it had acted.’ Obviously this is a much more extreme example of censorship but make no mistake this is censorship no matter how minor.Despite all this the basic facts speak for them self’s, as much as it pains me to admit these websites are breaking the law. It is costing money, I agree people in the entertainment industry are hideously overpaid and I am sure most politicians would agree. Despite this you all seem to be missing the point, these people do make a disgusting amount of money a healthy percentage of which goes straight to the government. It’s been estimated there will be a $2.6 billion loss in tax revenues. There are two things you should never do 1. Break the Law 2. Cost the government money. Do these two things together and you get ‘Operation in Our Sites’Thankfully not even the US government is more powerful than the internet let them do their worst and see it bite them in the arse. All they are going to do is send the piracy up a level people will inevitably find a way around anything they think of.

  • Taipeiliving

    or perhaps they will be forced to produce actual quality, because while I may download if it's good or looks good I go to the theater to see it. I am more than happy to pay to see something good.. but most is crap and I only watch it bc I can …

  • Effectiveg

    It may very well not be.what we could have here is an indirect infringement case (in this instance, probably vicarious infringement due to financial benefit and that ninja video may have been engaged in inducement)

  • JStryker

    People in poverty need to worry about themselves. Working my way out of poverty I know your mentality is probably to make excuses on every setback. If you don't like a product don't by it….the justification for stealing it is null, regardless of how much money the creators make.

  • Phililiplivingston

    Thank you for saying it. Some of these people, I hope, donate a large proportion. Those who don't are egotistical sociopaths. There have been so many movies made now, what's the point of making more? Hollywood should be mass-boycoted.

  • BJohnson

    I'm not saying I don't do it, all I'm saying is that everyone's justifications for why piracy helps are ridiculous. Regardless, it's money lost to someone, and in a Capitalist country where creators are supposed to be rewarded for their products, piracy hurts. Saying "Oh they make so much money so it's fine" is stupid. If you like a product, buy it. If you don't, don't purchase it. If it's too expensive, boycott it until it comes down. You'd have to be a leech to justify liking a product and stealing it. It's unsustainable, and it seems like more and more generations are taking value away from creative works. Don't quote someone's pocket book to justify why you can steal from them. If they weren't making any money, there would be more excuses to justify theft.

  • ShanghaiChap

    There is no way you can beat piracy, unless you will change the industry from inside. Think as pirates, make shows and movies more accesible online! but through your own website. Make piracy legal. Lower down your exaggerated bubbled costs. Pay people to distribute your shows and movies with adverts included in the show. Who watches tv any more? When the speed is sky high. Make television online. Even the adverts work here. But don't complecate people's lives, they won't be respondent if you can not be flexible. It's funny that you try to exterminate something that is just impossible to do. It's funny because you not looking into the future. Internet is irreversible, but it doesn't mean that you cannot adapt.

  • ShanghaiChap

    I agree, and would like to add more.The whole economy is based on entertainment. It is sickening to see generations came to one dream only be a pop star, an actor, model or any other entertainment bulsh*t job. Where are the dreams to conquer space, to push humans to the next level of existence? Where are our brilliant futures, only with the special effects or in 3D? Be smart is no longer "cool". We say it is, but the market shows different. Only wars had speeded up human's technology, but why when it is peaceful people don't invest in science in brains more. Only in extreme times humans are capable of extreme measures. Yes you had created major drug for the masses, to control them and manipulate. But dude's honestly did it take you far? You could've done so much better with the time and money you've had. Eventually you will die out, and what will be left? It’s in people’s nature to be free; all the bubbles you blow up will have counter measure. Piracy had ruined that bubble. But what is the point of dwelling on the past and remembering good old days when you had power over us? Adapt, step forward, and look into the future. You won’t return lost money, but you can make new. Just have to come with the right mind, right people, understand the grounds, understand our generation, how we function, why we do what we do. It’s pitiful that now you are turning internet to the battlefield. Like children in sandbox dividing the territory. Not thinking forward, not realising THIS won’t go away. But I stress again it all can be turned to something else. And as for legal forces, I hope they are catching the serial killers and other violent and crazy people with the same passion as they hunt pirates. Because it doesn’t look this way now.

  • Rina

    I wished they put the time and resources to save Gulf.

  • Madinsight

    I feel your pain man…lots of new shows are coming out this summer as well. R.I.P Ninja :(

  • Nevermind

    To be honest for us that are serving overseas these sites are the only way for us to watch tv shows. Because the "NETWORKS" block everything overseas… which sucks!

  • Speedyliz2010

    actually they don't make money off ticket sales. some companies like Warner bros charge the movie theaters more than the price of the ticket to show a movie. they make money only from the concession stand. if they don't overcharge you for the popcorn then they would have to shut down.

  • Reach_me

    Very well said, Jackson…+ 1 rep

  • gENIUS

    This is some grade A bullsh^t….Where is the new site?

  • Praising Robin Hood

    You'd have to make that same argument to the creators… because they are the main stealers! Movie theaters now charges 12 bucks where I live for one person (adult) and 7.50 for a child. Which means my husband and I spend over 50 dollars for our family to get in the movie theater and then have to pay an arm and a leg to purchase snacks and drinks. The movie execs ought to be ashamed of themselves. In this economy, for the average family to have to spend that much money to enjoy a night out at the movie theater is absolute thievery. So piracy is the modern day "Robin Hood"… In addition, there's no real control or policing that you can do in the cyber world… are you kidding? Just as fast as one site is taken down, another will be put right back up. They will soon find this out. Although I watch newly released movies online, I still go to the movies to see the movie because I like the experience of higher quality and don't have to worry about waiting for a movie to buffer if the network is bottle knecked or my internet connection slower than norm. We all know stealing is wrong, but I'd rather see a poor man steal a meal than to see a rich man steal a meal!

  • for Robin Hood

    For example… The Twilight Saga: Eclipse box officed 69 mil. Pretty nice figures even with all the bootlegging going on!

  • chiiill

    Not buying a product does not equal stealing. Just because I don't have the ability to watch the latest summer blockbuster for free on the internet does not mean that I'm going to go out and see it in the theaters. I'm going to mess around on the internet like this and read a goddamn library book. This is not only because I'm broke, but because I will not let those backward-thinking electrofascists win. Thus, internet piracy is a victimless crime. You can't force someone to buy something unless it's insurance.

  • chiiill

    Um, no it didn't.

  • Mc331306

    Blockbuster is dieing because of an outdated business model. Its not ninjavideo that killed Blockbuster, its On Demand PPV, Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, etc. The world is changing…it has been for years now. People are no longer satisfied by the strict rules and regulations that big media companies are putting on their products. "If you want to watch this, you will do so at this time and at this place" That was the law for a long time, but now people are starting to ask "Why?" Why do i need to schedule my life around when a TV show airs? Why do i have to pay top dollar to go watch a Mediocre film?The reason people pirate movies/tv is because it is Free, readily available, good quality and with the advent of broadband can be streamed in 720p with little to no buffering time.Now explain to me why movie studios and television networks cant do the same? Why use sites like ninjavideo if you can go to NBC.com and watch the newest episode of the office 20minutes after it aired on TV? How about have a service that costs $10 per month that allows you access to the entire catalog of NBC shows, full seasons that you can stream in divx and HD? If i pay for HBO each month, why cant i go online and watch past seasons of The Sopranos?The reason piracy is growing and evolving is because the old timers that are running these companies refuse to change.

  • Stuffing555

    Personally I see this going away fast.. so far there are a lot of these sites that are downit is unfortunate. I am disabled and cannot go to the theatre and this was my way of watching a movie and/or a show.. oh well guess I am paying for it now.

  • Biggunp90

    If the movie and cable industry wasn't gutting us i would pay for their product. Lets look at what they are doing. We purchass cable with the sales pitch no comercials, they put on old movies. So the next pitch is buy premium channels we do that now they say buy payper veiw. to take a family to the theater you can spend upward of 40 to 60 dollars depending on how big is your family. They sent our jobs overseas the people that work in the theaters are paid crap we dont have any money, the corp exec make way to much money. I am not supporting theft at all from the pirates or the corparations they still get my money just not as much

  • Sammy99344

    wow 10 dollars?!?! in illinois its only 5.75 i would never pay 10 dollars to watch a freaking movie

  • Spazi


  • SharpEye4Detail

    No matter your reasonings or attempts to justify the pro' cul-indiferienta' the fact remains that it is wrong. The most basic and obvious logic is over-looked for instant self gratification . Oh well…That's mankind for ya.

  • Evanpwns

    I think a great majority of people who "pirate" files do so because in this massive free market their voices cannot be heard. Take for example Adobe photoshop, a grossly expensive product. No one I know BOUGHT it. It was software they needed, but couldn't afford, and what better way to send a message to corporations then to pirate their overpriced goods. I predict that when orgs like the MPAA and RIAA pull their heads out of their asses, start bringing down costs across the board to bring us the things we want cheaper, pirating will go down. Pirating is largely a consumer reaction to overpriced goods on the market. Bring us these goods at more reasonable prices, and many of us will crack open our wallets once more. In the end it comes down to the consumer vs. producers. Guess who always wins in the end?

  • Yoya ma ma

    its all good tvshack.net is now tvshack.cc



    Problem feds?

  • Kristilanem

    I pirate, but is there a site where I can pay to watch a movie while sitting on my ass at my computer, comfort of my own frig, bed, or bathroom? Nope cause if there were I wouldnt be pirating would I. And everyone pays regardless, cost of said movies when they reach dvd just keep on increasing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HQKY7VJKEAX44JCS4LEL5PDVZY justin j

    They might decide to shut down http://www.billboardvideos.net/ too!

  • http://zenithwatchesusa.com Zenith watch man

    I'm very pleased that I am not a News Corp, shareholder! With all the current problems it is facing in the UKwith the now closed, News of the World. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp based in Delaware; is also facing a legal challenge from its shareholders. Shareholders, including investment funds, labor and municipal pension funds are accusing Murdoch of misusing News Corp assets, by treating the company like a family candy jar, which Murdock raids whenever his appetite strikes. It looks like the trouble are just starting!

  • http://www.makmoviestreaming.com streaming megavideo

    hahah :)

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    New File Share

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