What Are Barack Obama’s Favorite TV Shows?

Remy Carreiro December 30, 2013 0


It’s not every day that you learn that you have something in common with the President of the United States. Today, we found out what Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows are, and what do you know? We have very similar tastes to the president. Sort of makes us feel special. I think you might not be too surprised to find out some of his favorites. After all, good TV is good TV. But knowing the president was also routing for Walter White only makes me like Breaking Bad even more.

So The NY Post ran the piece with all the gory details about what Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows are, but we are here to fill you in. So Obama likes Homeland. That makes sense. Very fitting and topical for him. We wonder what he thought of this season’s finale. He also likes House of Cards. How very narcissistic of him. The actual president likes a show about a fake (vicious) president. Last, and like we already mentioned, Barack Obama likes Breaking Bad. Well, honestly, everyone likes Breaking Bad, so that isn’t that shocking either.

This just proves that at the end of the day, the President is just a normal guy. Honestly, what did you think he watched? The irony here is some of Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows are also some of our favorites.

What about you?

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/AMC]