First Look at Season 5 of The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

On Friday afternoon, during its packed panel at Comic-Con, The Walking Dead, television’s most popular show, debuted the first trailer for its upcoming fifth season, and as is always the case with new The Walking Dead footage, it looked pretty great. It was also announced that season five of the show would premiere on Sunday, October 5th, at 9 pm.

When we last left Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of our favorite post-apocalyptic friends, they had finally just reunited (well, most of them anyway) and arrived at Terminus, before being captured by the possible cannibalistic individuals there. The final words of season four of The Walking Dead came from Rick, when he said that the citizens of Terminus were “screwing with the wrong people,” and from everything that can be seen in the trailer below, he’s right. The new season of The Walking Dead looks to be the show’s most exciting yet, as it appears that the group goes on a trip to Washington D.C. to try and see if there is anyway to actually cure the zombie infection that plagues the world.

As with any new season of The Walking Dead, I’m going in with very low and managed expectations and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. In the past few years, the show has always been able to debut a fantastic trailer at Comic-Con for the new season it was premiering in the fall, but the series has never quite lived up to what it promised. The Walking Dead has always been a good show with some great episodes, but throughout its entire run, the series’ lack of compelling characters has always been its biggest problem.

Hopefully, the strong but slow-moving back half of episodes from last season, which  focused on characterization over action, showed the writers that there is a way to find a balance between interesting, authentic character moments and some good, bloody zombie fun. We will just have to wait until October 5 to find out.

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