The First Trailer for the Veronica Mars Movie is Here

It seems like just yesterday that the Veronica Mars movie was kickstarting itself to life, but after being fully funded and shooting last summer, the film is coming to theaters this spring.

Above is the first official trailer for the movie, which centers on Veronica coming back to Neptune to try and clear Logan for the murder of his girlfriend. Nearly everyone from the show is back in their various roles, and it really is fantastic to see them all together again. They really went all out in reassembling the crew, and I hope it pays off for them.

I do wonder how the trailer would be viewed in a vacuum. As in, will it only be Veronica Mars die-hards seeing it, or is it intriguing enough to attract outsiders? I feel like if you didn’t know the show or the characters, you might not be compelled to see it just based on this. Most of the novelty is the gang getting back together, after all.

Check it out for yourself above.

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