Five Awesome Openings to TV Shows

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For all of us who enjoy watching TV and film, we know that there are typically great endings that viewers often experience, but there aren’t always openers that come in with a bang and capture our attention.

That’s why we’re writing this piece, though, because sometimes there really are some great scenes that set-up a TV show so perfectly, instantly intriguing itself onto anyone who watch it.

So rather than continue blabbing on about how great they are, here are the best openers we’ve seen from TV shows.

5. The Wire

One of the best crime dramas ever, this show didn’t do what so many others open up with—which is often a crime itself.

Rather, The Wire opens with McNulty joking to a witness about a gang-related victim named Snot who always stole money, ultimately reaching a point of too much. It might not sound like much here, but if you watch it, you’ll see just how beautifully shot the scene is, with the plot of the show set up perfectly for audiences to see what is to come.

It didn’t need to lead in with much, choosing to give the connection of the people in the show, and not the detective trying to solve the crime right away.

4. House of Cards

As someone who has watched the first season-in-a-half of this show in less than a week, we can tell you that it caught our attention from the very first few minutes.

While some may think there’s a bit of animal cruelty going on after a dog gets hit by a car and Frank Underwood speaks to the camera and sets up his entire mentality and conniving idealistic—before killing the dog himself—it definitely gets the viewers attention as to how evil the South Carolina Governor is.

3. Revenge

Growing into quite the hit, Revenge can trace its success to the dramatic opening of the plot for hooking viewers right away.

With the first five minutes giving us Emily Thorne’s future “Fire and Ice”-themed engagement party, we were given clues as to who shot the groom-to-be, which instantly drew us to the tube wanting more.

For those who like drama and mystery, there is no denying this show—especially with an opener like that.

2. Breaking Bad

We’ve mentioned this show plenty of times before—with good reason—and from the very beginning, audiences all over the globe should have been hooked into the storyline.

As main character Walter White sorts through his camper in a desert, with bodies all over the place and a heartfelt confession to his videocamera, there should be no questions as to what’s going on with this guy.

The only thing left to figure out is how and why this happened, and where will things go from here? By White waving a gun in his undies on a dirt road into the camera, everyone gets hooked like a fish on a lure.

1. Lost

For some reason, it’s easy to forget about this show. But remember that Lost remains as one of the best shows of the past decade, which started quite the cult phenomenon.

As a show that lasted 121 episodes, the very first, simple question that needed to be answered was if the survivors would ever find their way off the island?

Starting out with Jack on an island with smoke and wreckage of a plane crash around him, it pulls the audience in the way a summer blockbuster movie would, introducing viewers to the drama right away.

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