Five Awful Late Night Talk Shows You Forgot About


Everyone is talking about Jimmy Fallon taking over for Jay Leno, but I think we tend to forget just how many awful late night talk shows we have gotten before. It seems there was a period in the 90’s when, as long as you were slightly famous in some way, you were getting your own late night talk show. From sports stars to failed TV stars, here are five awful late night talk shows you forgot about for good reason. They all kind of stunk.

The Chevy Chase Show

I think this is the talk show people talk about when talking about awful late night talk shows. Chevy was an awful host who seemed more content on talking about himself than actually asking any of his guests interesting questions. Pretty sure this abysmal excuse for a talk show lasted barely under a month.

The Magic Hour 

This one was painful to watch. The Chevy Chase show may have bombed, but at least Chevy knew what to do in front of a camera. Magic Johnson? But why? Reality was, he had about as much charisma as a stuffed animal. No idea who thought this would be a good idea, but you know they lost their job as a result.

The Jon Stewart Show

Yup. The Daily Show genius once had a late night talk show on, of all places, MTV. While it was not awful, he had not yet found the snarky tone that would go on to define him and make us all like him so much. This was a very vanilla show, though and though.

The Pat Sajak Show

HAHAHAHAHA. I know, this one is a riot. Yes, the host of Wheel of Fortune was given his own late night talk show, and it was awful. Watching his monologues was an enjoyable as going to the dentist.

Thicke of the Night

Oh man, I am dying over here. Yes, Robin Thicke’s Dad has his own late night talk show in the 80’s. I guess being the Dad on Growing Pains had its perks. One of those perks was a short-lived, awful late night talk show. Really, even the name of the show felt super creepy. Those Thickes just love blurring lines.

So what did I miss? What other awful late night talk shows were out there?

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    You Forgot “October 1986, comedian Joan Rivers debuted her own late night talk show on FOX.” It was Bad.